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Hello Kitty Cafe ♥ (Now closed!) ハローキティカフェ

Hello Kitty Cafe ♥ (Now closed!) ハローキティカフェ

This is my friend Melodee.. Melodee Morita! She’s a reporter in New York. And I also do YouTube. We’re here at this Hello Kitty cafe. It’s a fairly secret little place so I’m really excited to try this stuff out! And we’re gonna get these guys here. Yes, they’re so cute! Super exciting! This place is so fancy. Like look at all these chairs! So it’s a super fancy menu. Mmmm I want this apple dessert. It’s… 1600 yen so it’s almost $16. But it looks amazing. This looks really good, too. I might get this. A Hello Kitty cappuccino. Omg it’s so cute, you can get a little boy one. Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel. Melodee got this delicious looking parfait. I know, it’s huge! But I’m so excited to eat it. I’m like ruining it. I feel so bad. Sorry! I’ll just take a spoonful first. Part of his face is gone. I’m so sorry! It was really rich. This is like a real, legitimate brownie. It’s really soothing and cool. Oh nice! This is the bathroom for ONE person. Look at this giant vanity with a heart! What are these books even for… I just finished drinking and I realized there’s a Hello Kitty on the bottom of the glass. So that was the Hello Kitty cafe. It was so cute! It was really good! I know, the food’s actually good, too. Yeah, it was actually really good. It’s a little pricey but I think it’s cute, especially if you want this really rich atmosphere. And you gotta check out the restroom if you’re a lady. Yes, it was neat! It was really cool. All right, see you guys later! Bye!

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