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Halloween Mystery Box Switch Up Challenge, English Subtitles

Halloween Mystery Box Switch Up Challenge, English Subtitles

Hi everyone and welcome to a new video. This is my friend Danni. We are going to do a Mystery Box Switch Up Challenge. So let’s go. So, who is going to open the first box? Turn around, Danni. ROUND 1 Disgusting… You can turn back now, Danni. I’m gonna switch boxes. One… …two, three I got skeleton gloves. And Danni got vampire teeth. ROUND 2 Now it’s my turn to look away. Do you want to keep or switch? It’s a difficult decision. Yes, that’s the game. That’s the hard part. You never know if there is something better or worse in the other box. I’m gonna keep this box. One, two, three. Ok, I got Halloween make up. What else is there? (Mom) Devils horn. Ok, so I got makeup. And I got this one. Show it to us. Good looking guy! What would you rather have? Makeup or facemask? Makeup. (Mom) What a pity you didn’t switch boxes. ROUND 3 Danni, turn around. I wasn’t prepared for this one! (Mom) Show it to us. Hmm… Totally normal, I guess… (Mom) But what’s in the other box? Danni, you can look now. This would be suitable for Halloween… I don’t know… What if there is something better in the other box? I am going to keep it. One, two, three. (Mom) Pumpkin decorations. And Kitty got the creepy baby skeleton. ROUND 4 My turn to look away. Kitty, turn back. I think I want to switch boxes. One, two, three. Tattoos. Can I see yours? These are pretty creepy. ROUND 5 Danni’s turn to look away. Let’s open this… I get scared when I open the boxes! It is a… (Mom) Don’t say it out loud. I’m sure you all saw what is was. Danni, you can turn around now. This is a difficult decision. (Mom) Make up your mind now. Three, two, one … I don’t know what to decide! I am going to… …switch boxes. One, two, three… This was the same as you got earlier. Pumpkin decorations. (Mom) What did you get, Danni? Luminous spiders to put on the window. (Mom) And you got pumpkin decorations. ROUND 6 My turn to look away. Wow… (Kitty) What is it? OK, do you want to keep or switch? I want to keep my box. That was a fast decision. One, two, three. Oh… what is it? Today’s Question will be answered in a minute. But first we will show you what we got in the Mystery Boxes. I will start and I got Halloween Candy in this jar. Tattoos for face and body. Pumpkin decorations. Danni got decorations too, but she got mustache decorations. I also got makeup and I really liked it. Skeleton gloves. They were neat. And this one… …a ghost decoration… …for the window. What did you get? I got these luminous spiders. Pumpkin decorations. Vampire teeth. Candy. Facemask. Tattoos. Are you happy with what you got? Yes. Me too! Very, very happy. TODAY’S QUESTION Before we round up, I will read Today’s Question. The question is from David Klintfors. But it is most likely his daughter who wrote the question. Because she writes a lot of nice things in my comment fields. How old are you? I am nine years old. I will turn 10 in two months. On December 17. How old are you? I am nine years old and I will turn 10 on October 26. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please subcribe to my channel and give it big thumbs up. See you next time. Bye!

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