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Geometry Dash: The Weekly Demon Show – Episode I: Kitty (Review)

Geometry Dash: The Weekly Demon Show – Episode I: Kitty (Review)

Hi there, YouTube. And welcome to The Weekly Demon Show, a new series on YouTube for all your Weekly Demon needs. I will be reviewing the demons on a weekly basis and rank their quality out
of 10. This will hopefully be a regular thing on my channel, at least until the
end of 2018. Let’s begin. Let’s start with this level’s gameplay.
The section preceding the first drop has… …some fairly simple cube and near-straight flying gameplay with other… …vehicles included in the mix. The gameplay is fun here, even the near straight flying, but… …after that, it gets a little less
memorable and a lot more mediocre. Really, …when I think about the first drop
section, I’ll really just think about the wave parts only, for they’re the most
memorable part of the first drop. The second drop is slightly different from
the first. it’s extremely random and just weird to play in general. However, while
you probably think I hate the gameplay in this level by now, I do need to
address that weirdness and randomness do (TTS typo, ignore that) not equate to negative quality. This is actually one of the most fun demons I’ve ever played in GD. Not only is it fast-paced and exciting but it’s consistently difficult, even in its slower parts.
However, the thing that keeps me from praising the gameplay to the maximum is the dark part. This part has a noticeable bump in its consistency and enjoyment of
the gameplay and it’s just not as fun, so I can’t give this level’s gameplay full
credit for being enjoyable, but I can praise it for being fun and consistent
while bizarre. I have a lot to say about this level’s
raw design. While I don’t think there’s enough variation in the background and the dark part looks way out of place, I do have to give credit for the
block designs and the air decoration. The air deco works with the block designs to create a good-looking level which passes
my expectations, but there is little to no variation in the background,
except for that one really weird dark part, which looks slightly impressive but
has no variation besides the change in color scheme. That’s a shame, because that dark part could easily be its own level, but was instead used in a collab with a
completely different base style. Speaking of colors, the color scheme is
easily the best part of this level (overall). The hyperactive change in color is
surprisingly well executed without even coming off as seizure-inducing,
looking fantastic while still being cohesive with the level design. But then
again, the dark part ruins a lot of fun I had with the design. So there you have it. This level has lots
of good parts combined with a few strange parts. Fortunately, the good parts outweigh the bad parts to the point where I can
consider this level enjoyable. Long story short, this level is good, but good is where it stands (the TTS script for this line is garbage), and I’m giving Kitty by f3lixsram & Darwin 7/10 Thank you for watching the pilot episode of TWDS, and I hope to see you next “week” when I cover that one level you mandatorily be three times.
Mechanical Showdown by Tongii. I think I am going to enjoy this…

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