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For The Kitty Challenge

For The Kitty Challenge

okay go ahead… be ready… tell her dove love is real for the kitty AYYY! eat a zeta meal for the kitty AYYY! gomab reveal for the kitty trade with my LB go for the kill for the kitty WOAHH! ima pledge again for the kitty PLEDGE AGAIN!? wear a zeta pin for the kitty ZETA PIN?! turn off 2k for the kitty AYYY! watch being mary jane for the kitty?! AYYY! i’ll wear a zeta band for the kitty AYYY! let her hold my hand for the kitty HOLD HER HAND??! call me brother all that for the kitty what up sis? heyyy frat! for the kitty!! ima pay my dues for the kitty AYYY!! OKAY! share the secret to blue juice for the kitty I LIKE DAT! say she not a zeta bear for the kitty? not at all! and if she is i dont care for the kitty! AYYY WHOAAA! LET’S GOOOO!

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