Finding the Best Cat Food

There is a lot of discussion about when should cats stop eating kitten food. With 4 cats of all different ages and energy levels, it becomes a challenge to find foods that would suit all of their needs. The Fresh pet brand has been around for a while, but only appeared in our area short time ago. Today we will try the Beef and Chicken Recipe Gourmet Pate. At a price of 4.99 and with the impressive list of ingredients, this package did call my name from the shelf. (if there is something that our cat ooges have in common – it is, definitely, the love of chicken), Fresh pet pate is grain free. Fresh pet provides a guarantee that if the food does not smell or look fresh, they will replace it. I had to smell it, of course.

The pate does actually smell very good, like something a human would eat as well. The package contains 454 grams, and a side ruler for suggested serving size portions of 57 grams. Pretty handy. For the first tasting, I cut 2 servings (114grams). The cats already had breakfast in the morning, so 2 portions between 3 big cats and a tiny portion for the kitten sounded right. I noticed that if you start cutting pate at room temperature, it becomes a bit messy. It clings to the knife and then splatters everywhere. So, I would suggest to cut it while it’s cold and then warm it up to serving temperature. Because of the kitten, I had to introduce the cats to the new food separately.

Junior enjoyed the tasting as usual. Junior would benefit from this food, as he needs more protein to maintain good health. This food is very soft and it is easy to cut it in small pieces for easier digestion. We have managed to gain control over his weight in the last couple of years and I hope this will extend his life. Sky, who is a bit more conservative when it comes to wet foods, seemingly enjoyed it, too. He is also in his senior years now, so the carbohydrates and vitamin B 12 would help maintain his still pretty high levels of energy. Nine was my biggest worry. He is the pickiest eater of them all and just refuses to follow any feeding schedules.

May be this is why he maintains such slim body. But summer is around the corner and he needs a lot of protein to climb his trees. Nine definitely picks his food by the smell of it. So, it was awesome to see him eat with a great appetite. Baby Chuck did get a little tasting of the pate as well. Because the fresh pet food is steam-cooked, it locks in all the vitamins and minerals and will help him grow. I am not planning on introducing him to daily portions of this, but here and there I will add little portions to his kitten food. Overall, I would highly rate this food. It is excellent for the money, has great nutrition values and is fairly easy to find (look for the special fridge in your local food supermarket). Looks like we found yet another variety of cat food that is gentle on the wallet and rich on nutrition.

About Feline Power Food

Feline Power Food offers Gnomea species appropriate high-protein diet. Cats can be notoriously finicky. And when they find a dry diet they like, pet parents can only hope it’s healthy. Thankfully, Only Natural Pet’s Feline Power Food is a dry cat food that’s holistically formulated to perfectly balance taste and nutrition. High-quality animal proteins are always the first three ingredients in Feline Power Food. This allows for a high-protein, species appropriate diet for your cat. Each Power Food recipe is grain and potato free. They feature low-glycemic garbanzo beans as well as omega fatty acid rich salmon oil, creating a healthy, complete, and balanced meal. Added to this is Only Natural Pet’s proprietary Power Boost Blend, featuring freeze-dried pumpkin, turmeric, as well as green-lipped muscles, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.

This is coated on after cooking for high-quality, natural nutrition in every bite. Every Feline Power Food formula features specially chosen high-quality protein blends to avoid food allergy development and finicky eating behavior. They’re complete and balanced and contain no ingredients from China. And that includes vitamins and minerals. Plus, every bag of Feline Power Food is carbon neutral, making it not only healthy for your pet but also for the planet.  And for the newest member of your family, Only Natural Pet Feline Power Food has a kitten formula. Specially formulated for your kitten’s needs, it has added DHA for cognitive and eye development, added taurine for heart and immune health, and omega fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat. All in a bite sized format. Feline Power Food Kitten formula is the perfect way to start your newest family member’s health off on the right paw.

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