Feeding the Pets

Problem appears when older cats stop eating. It happens with most of the pets. My little cheeto puff my little orange little carrot I’m running on the names of call him. He passed away. He was almost three years old. He was about that age I got him when he was almost a year old I had him for over two years and then he sadly passed away not to Sound morbid or anything, but he should have been dead almost Anyway not to sound morbid but his life was supposed to end a very long time ago when I got him at Petco He was actually already purchased By my manager to be snake food fell in love with him and I took him home So he had a really good run. He had a really terrific life. I miss him. I cried my eyes out when I Discovered the news but he had a terrific life and he will always be remembered Love you Gus.

Anyway, let’s enjoy some animals eating Maui is out, which he never used to be. Anyway, he’s going to get a mouse now. Oh, sorry. He’s getting a rat And it’s gone, goodbye rat, so there he is just chilling with his little rat. We’ll move on to Celia who’s also out and about Her head is right back there. See if we can get her to eat She is coming out She is out now and hissing Wow, that was that’s terrifying I am scared Can you please eat if you’re going to eat she may not be hungry this week Yeah, if it looks like she actually wants me to take thing away from her Come on Celia. This is supposed to be an all my animals feeding video and you just ruined it now It’s going to be all my animals minus one what are you doing? I gave you all this new space and you’re trying to leave No, appreciate what I’ve given you that’s right go in there go back in there What a good Celia guess she’s not eating her mouse.

I guess we’ll give that to the monitor. Don’t be crying crying about it later this week You’ve already decided that you don’t want your food. So no food for you. Go back to doing whatever snake thing you were doing Let’s try Salem see if Salem wants to eat. So looks like someone’s hungry what in the world are you doing Salem you need to calm down so I can feed you You want food? but my camera won’t focus. There you go. Do you want it or do you not want it? That’s a little dramatic that’s that’s really dramatic you’re going to roll right out of the cage, so can you not do that Salem It’s already dead. You’re being you’re being dramatic. It’s dead. I need to close the enclosure. So you put your tail back in No.

All right. Guess that’s a thing. I guess. I got to wait for him to finish eating now. It’s cool I don’t have other plans. It’s not like it’s midnight and I want to go to sleep. It’s fine Just going to check back Oh, no, you’re still eating. Did you move your tail? Oh you did but now you put your body out. Oh, that’s so nice Thank you You almost done eaten so I can close that up. That’d be great. Can you maybe move your body? Are you listening to me? No Okay, Oh finally, yay Do I need to start giving you bigger meals you look still hungry to me do you seriously want another one? Oh I guess you do No, no, no, not out of the enclosure do not be a dummy. Go back in Salem I’m literally dangling a meal for you up here.

Please go back in your enclosure Do you want it or do you not you just want to look at it? Oh, you definitely want it Oh and you’re going to be dramatic again? Okay, okay This guy’s probably not going to eat because he’s. Saber’s still a little nervous about his new enclosure. Plus he’s going through a shed So he’s all the way in the back and being kind of dramatic. I don’t normally have this daylight on in there either This is just so you guys can see him. Okay, so we’re going to see if he wants to eat, but I Don’t think you will I’m going to try to see if he’ll eat an adult mouse Because he took almost he tried to have three hoppers last week and that’s when I knew he needed to size up.

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