Feeding the Newborns

There are many facts about how often do cats feed their kittens. Let’s talk about feeding newborn kittens. The first thing to know with feeding newborn kittens is it can be a challenge. It can be time consuming but it is rewarding in the end. First thing to do is always check with your veterinary clinic first to find out what to use to feed, how often and if you’re doing things correctly. Most veterinary clinics can guide you through that very easily and they’re going to recommend something like KMR kitten milk replacer. This is a nutritional supplement for newborn kittens. And we’re talking about orphans typically. If the queen or mother cat is present natural ways of going about that, letting the mother take care of the kitten is the way to go but if it’s an orphan or something like that your clinic can help you through that.

Most newborn kittens are going to need nutrition or milk replacer every two to four hours. They need to kept warm; you don’t want to over handle them. Be very very gentle when you’re dealing with them. Also elimination is a problem when when they’re newborns and the mother’s not taking care of them. What you have to do is after feeding typically take a warm damp wash cloth and gently kind of message their genital area, around where where the fecal matter comes out. And what happens is the mother would do that normally which would stimulate the kitten to eliminate both fecal and urination. And so talk to your regular clinic about that, they can guide you through that. And generally most kittens thrive once they start being fed and taken care of.

About Diarrheain Cats

The first thing, is what is the diagnosis? A veterinarian really should make the diagnosis, of what the cause is for diarrhea in your cat, because there can be multiple different reasons, and so home remedies may not work, if there is something going on, such as a parasite, like Toxidia, like Giardia, something like that. We also see lots of inflammatory bowel disease, food allergy, and things like that, that can cause diarrhea in cats, so at the direction of your clinic, as far as diarrhea and home remedies are concerned, you never ever want to give an over the counter product as an anti-diarrheal, to your cat, because that can be toxic to them, so always ask first before you give any home remedy.

We tend to use a couple of things. One is pumpkin, canned pumpkin is a fiber matrix, and giving that to your cat, can sometimes help to slow down diarrhea. We also tend to use probiotics, in a lot of cats with diarrhea, that is active culture yogurt, so plain or vanilla flavored yogurt with active cultures, Lactobacillus and Acidophilus, can be used as a supplement, to help diarrhea in cats, as well. Otherwise, you need to talk with your clinic, and again, diagnosis is the first key to finding out what’s going on.

Cat Table Scraps

Now the answer to that is yes and no. For lots of different reasons, so let’s discuss that. The first thing would be certain things can be OK like chicken let’s say without a lot of spices on it or any spices and lean beef. Carrots can work as well. But we got to take in the overall picture here. One thing to consider is that that can create behavioral issues as in these cats wanting table scraps all the time and begging. So that’s not necessarily a good thing obviously. It also could lead to obesity if they get too many table scraps.

The other thing too is sometimes cats if they’re eating table scraps are going to get more finicky as far as their regular diet is concerned. So they will want table food only. Dogs will do this very commonly too. So it’s generally recommended that you don’t because you don’t need to. If cats get very finicky and want table scraps only, that’s not good for them. So let’s also talk about the other reasons and that would be toxicities. There are lots of things that cats cannot eat.

Specifically things that contain garlic and onion that can cause problems with the bloodstream, avocado is not recommended, raisins and grapes are thought to cause kidney damage especially in dogs that we know, so anyway, if you have questions about specific things that you want to feed you cat from the table, always check with your veterinarian clinic first, but its generally recommended that you don’t because it can lots of behavioral types of issues and other problems.

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