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Every Kitty Party Ever | MostlySane

Every Kitty Party Ever | MostlySane

No. Don’t get me wrong. I haven’t been kicked out of the house. Till tomorrow, all nice things are off limits. Like I can’t use the normal big plates because they’ve already been washed. I’m not allowed to sit, sleep or eat on the sofa, bed or the table because they’ve also been cleaned. Today is mom’s kitty party. Would you like to have some lime water? She’s serving lime water. I haven’t served anything less than a mojito. Meghna your connection is very poor. Putting mint leaves in lime water and calling it a mojito. She thinks she’s too digital. Sonu listen. Just make an excuse of takiung the keys from me and come and sit with me. There’s a nice smell of noodles and jalebi coming from the kitchen. When you’re coming to pick me up, don’t come towards the end, come half an hour early. There’s your favourite rasgullas here. I’ll keep some for you. Everyone has taken some except you. Here you go! Archu you know right! I’ll go a little easy on dinner this time. I have diabetes. No one even asked me for food. But you’re not here. You’re just digitally present. So what if I’m just available online? I would have ordered something from Swiggy or Zomato. Her video chat never ends. It seems like she’s always with us. I think we should focus on my Facebook post. Forget the post and have some jalebi. If you’re offering it to everyone, I’ll also have some. Just soak all the sugar syrup with a tissue paper. Actually I have diabetes. You aren’t eating anything. Why? Do you also have diabetes? All the ladies roar like a lion, here’s number 4. The one who alwats troubles us, our mother-in-law. Number 50. I’ve got an early 5. She must have cheated. I have a 48 MP camera. I can show you the tickwt right now. She’s sitting at home with her ticket. She’s already done with early 5. Girls! Let’s pull out chits fir the next kitty. Everyone make their payments. You saw her 2000 note? It’s in such a bad condition. See mine. Fresh out of the mint. I’ll send it through Paytm. I forgot my wallet. Archu you give it for me, I’ll pay you later. Everytime you can’t ask me to pay for you. You should think about me too. Everytime her payment gets delayed because of UPI. Have you ever seen me delay payments? What’s the big deal? Whenever I come for the kitty, I carry the exact amount of money with me. You should be a little consoderate. I’ve been working hard since morning. I also didn’t say much. I’ve told you right I have diabetes. I had so much to do on social media, still I took some time out for the kitty party. Let me remind you that this hasn’t happened with me at any of the kitty parties. This was my age when I fell in love. 21 I don’t remember where I kept my wallet. (Indistinct chatter.)

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