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[ENG SUB] 낭만마을에 봄이 왔어요

[ENG SUB] 낭만마을에 봄이 왔어요

The sun is warm. Dad, why are you so excited? It’s so comfy Come here and play! Peekaboo Heheng ♥ What’s this smell? Koa, what are you doing? I’m alone playing Let’s have a sunbathing. I can’t do that. This time, Koa’s going! Surprised, huh? You don’t? Koa was surprised. Oh, my, what’s wrong with me? Oh! Cabbage and Nami met! Go away! Nami~ What’s wrong with him? Why me? What the!!! feel uncomfortable Hooray Nami~ Your father. Dad, why? I want to talk to Choco, too. The sun is so warm. round and round Last us King Dukji ♥

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