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Dressing our cats up for Christmas

Dressing our cats up for Christmas

I found my cat Christmas hats! They’re five dollars each, which is a total exploitation of my desire to get these hats for my cats We have $20 exchanged into coins. This is $20 in Japan, right here. You lose your change in Japan, you’re losing a lot of money. There [are] four, hopefully I can get all four of them. Oh its a snowman! I really wanted a snowman! Just look! He’s got little hands coming out of the side of his head, it’s a snowman with little hands! It’s so cute Okay I really hope we can get the Christmas tree 5 coins is a lot to remember! I got the Christmas tree! Oh no! It’s another snowman. Okay the next one is definitely the red one, I saw it. It’s okay, I don’t really want the reindeer one anyway because it’s really you can get reindeer antlers for your cats anywhere. But these are special ones. Yes! I got the three I really wanted Whoopsies, this was totally worth it being $5 because this is a different fabric from the last ones. All the cats, they’re getting concerned now They’re like what is- what is going on That little arms! Oh my God. And this cute snowman hat, and the Santa shawl here… Poki, you want to smell it? You want to put your head inside it? There we go, there we go. He’s a snowman! You don’t like it? How does he look? Does he look beautiful? There we go Oh you’re so beautiful YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL Awww Oh you got it, alright alright I got a special one for you Look, you can be Santa There we go It’s so cute! You’re such a good boy! Nagi’s like, is it gonna be me next? Wasn’t Haku the one who wore it the longest last time? I guess he doesn’t care as much as Poki. Hi buddy You’re so beautiful, baby, look at you you’re so festive It fell off. Well now you’ve got a little scarf. Look at you! Look at you and you little Christmas tree! You’re such a small kitty. you’re such a beautiful christmas tree! I’m gonna give him snacks Good job! Here you go Anybody who wears a hat gets snacks! Such a weird thing to film. This is how I can do training, I just gotta feed him every time I put a hat on them No, no, I mean like cats with these hats It’s so strange Nagi. Where you go, okay let’s set the camera up quickly so we can get some pictures with all three of our cats Thank you it looks like there’s a snowman riding Nagi’s back. He was just oh so bad Hey, where you going where you going little Santa? So Poki my beautiful Christmas tree this Christmas tree is unbalanced Poki, hi Yeah Hi Christmas tree Your little whiskers are up, okay? No touchy face. Just want to get your whiskers out. Just keep your whiskers- there you go This is where you first saw for your future Christmas is over. Look at you, look at you little snowman He’s hiding in the corner I’m so sorry if you Okay, okay. Everyone’s done. Everyone’s done. good job, good job, baby. You got snacks though You baby. Merry Christmas everyone

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