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Double Trouble – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #17

Double Trouble – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #17

*Great music playing* *Kitten rustling through curtains* *Kitten purr and trip* *confused meow* *Cats screams* *Hisses and growls* *Kittens points to his mouth for food like like the big fat cat* *comes to food but gets smacked by big fat cat* *Trys agian* gets pushed by fat cats tail and falls* *fat cat protects food* *KItten continues to get to food* *Kitten gets smacked by fat cats tail agian while fat cats chewing food* *Jumps on fat cat and meows and scares fat cat* *fat cat gets his face stuck in food bowl* *Kitten runs away* *Kitten scares fat cat LOL and fat cat jumps LOL* *Kittens climbs up curtains* *Then jumps and runs toward fat cat* *then they play for a second* *Jumps on couch and fails* *Climbs up on couch with out failing this time LOL* *Playing games with one another* throws pillow at fat cat* *Thinks he sneaky and runs under carpet* *Fat cat jumps on him U MEANY and he keeps umping* *Eats foood* *HA now kitten is protecting it LOL* *Fat cat gets mad* *chaces him* *oh hes sneaky* scary meow apparently to fat cat* *says no in cat voice* *Plays in sand* *pees or poops i dont know anyway fat cat terrified of what he just saw* *why* *MEOW FAT CAT GETS SCARED AND TIPS LITTER BOX* *BOTH ASK FOR FOOD* *sigh* *outro* *SUBSCRIBE* now bye

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