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DIY: how to make a self watering plastic bottle kitty cat planter / tutorial

DIY: how to make a self watering plastic bottle kitty cat planter / tutorial

you will need: empty plastic bottle, acrylic paints, permanent marker, scrap cotton fabric, wire, paint brushes, glue, scissors/knife rocks/soil, a plant when deciding how tall your planter will be, remember to consider the shape of the top of the bottle if you have two bottles of the same size, before cutting make sure to compare the top of the bottle to the bottom. mark the point where the bottles will overlap to be sure your pot is tall enough if you don’t pay attention you can end up with a pot bottom that’s too short to nicely hold the plant basket Draw out the shape of the ears and determine how tall you want it to be take a craft knife or scissors and carefully cut near the outline you just made Clean up any jagged edges and adjust the shape to your liking Place the top of the bottle inside and mark where to cut cut along the line you just made and place in the bottom of the planter, trim any part that sticks out above it poke two small holes on opposite sides of the top part of the bottle for your wire to go through cut a piece of wire a little longer than the width of the bottle insert wire through both holes and wrap around itself to secure it in place this will act like a mini handle to allow you to lift the plant out of the planter time to paint! depending on the color you choose and your paints, you will probably need two coats of paint. I needed three. while the first coat dries for a minute, take a piece of scrap plastic and cut out a tail shape I took a cheap make up sponge, rounded off the corners a bit and used this to apply my final coat of paint paint any stripes or patterns you want for the fur Add eyes and a face! glue on your tail. hot glue is best for the near instant hold, but I’m using aleene’s tacky glue and a rubber band to hold it in place until it dries. take the bottle top and wrap wire around it or use a rubber band to hold your fabric on make sure its on securely I’m cutting off my extra fabric because this pot is so small, for a bigger bottle you might want to leave it long to help wick up more water Varnish your pot to give the paint a bit more durability take your top plant basket and add dirt and a small plant I added some rocks to both the top and bottom just to give it a little weight add water and put the plant basket into your pot Done! Thanks for watching!

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