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Discovery of Feline Facial Pheromones and Invention of FELIWAY by Professor Patrick Pageat

Discoveries are always results more or
less results of some local method. Meaning that our territory related
behavior problems are very common in cats and especially urine soiling and
you’re in spraying. and that was very commonly observed in inner in my caseload and I was as an ethologist fascinated by something which was that
those cats were no longer marking with a face as they were doing previously and
that has been the first step of the story meaning to try to understand why
they were no longer marking with their face and by using some compresses to
look at what was usually released by cats I realized that there was a message
when the cats were rubbing their face on furnitures walls everything in their
surrounding and we tried initially to catch that from the cat themselves
meaning that we were introducing some compresses put on some special furniture
a known from the cat in a place to try to get secretion from cats and asking
the owners to put those compresses where the cat was urine spraying and we
observed that it was working but it was really really boring for the honors to
have to get the cat Reb compresses on the cat and so we decided to create
something which was the exact copy of what the cat was releasing but which was
synthetic meaning that we don’t have it not cats juice but it’s a real structure
reorganized by human and which is just telling the same information to the get
this is the safe and known place when you want to understand something
about any kind of species you have first to accept the ideological approach which
is to look at animals and accept that they know what they have to do and we
observe that cats were never ever spraying on the place where they had
previously rub that face and that on the contrary spring cats were cats marking
less on rubbing their face on anything the surrounding so we understood that
there was probably an antagonism that we could use what we discover later on was
that it was not just an antagonism but that these facial marks which became
Philly way were give we’re releasing a message which was it’s safe you can feel
quite here so it was more than just an anti urine sprain cats are very much linked to their
surrounding to that territory not a territory in a kind of caricature all
approach which is mr. Smith in the middle of the garden with fences the
territory of cats is a kind of constellation of areas dedicated to
given activities and with some pathways to go from one area to another one but
what is crucial to cats is to have something which has some stability over
time and catch every day spend time on marking organizing identifying those
areas what we human are doing it that we disorganize it you’re suffice somewhere
in the apartment and after two weeks you think that it could be better in another
area you introduce new furnitures you remove the marks by washing cleaning
changing some material and so for cat it’s something which is extremely
disturbing because there is no stability using products which are the exact copy
of the natural messages released by the cat met that you will release again
after disturbing you will release the message to say no no problem everything
is still fixed domestic cats are not genetically
modified cats there cats and they come from a wild cat which is European why
get living in forests and those cats are marking like the others meaning that we
at that moment we use Philly way we use other synthetic pheromones in zoos or in
rescue centers to help those cats because are very difficult to manage in
captivity which is the only way to save them from disappearing and it’s not just
related to small cats because very big cats like tigers are doing the same
Tigers a facial marking scratching marking urine marking and it’s very
interesting to say that their messages are very close to domestic cats and we
can use the messages and we do that we have published results about that we can
use fell away for example to stabilize Tigers when they arrive in the zoo or we
can use some other facial pheromones which are involved in social
interactions to make Tigers to accept a new tiger in the facility so it’s a very
common language between wild cats with one exception which is a lion having
some words some chemical words in common with domestic cats but having some
others which are related to it’s very specific social structure and
organization you

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