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Declawing Is Cruel!

We have recently taken in three new cats that have been declawed. And people have gotten the misconception that we support the act of declawing or think that it is okay but that is far from the truth. We see declawing as an act of animal cruelty. Declawing is not just the removal of the cat’s nails but it is the amputation of the first knuckle. Private owners and exploiters do this because they think that it makes the big cat safer to handle. Even Big Cat Rescues King and Queen of beasts have both been declawed. All this does is potentially create health problems in the future such as arthritis. A bad declawed job can make claws grow back in weird spots or can cause mutated claws to grow back putting uncomfortable pressure on their toes and their pads. Reise our cougar walks with a limp and has to be sedated from time to time to trim down the mutated nails that grow back from her botched declawed job. Big Cat Rescue condemns the act of declawing and you should too. CC Reviewed by Crys Marrs

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