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Cute Pocket Animals Nail Art Design Tutorial – Bunny Rabbit Monkey cat kitty elephant DIY

Cute Pocket Animals Nail Art Design Tutorial – Bunny Rabbit Monkey cat kitty elephant DIY

Happy Easter everyone i recently met the lovely Elise from mycupcakeaddiction she makes totally awesome cupcake and cake pop tutorials she is so cool i love her energy I did her nails while she was here in Melbourne so if you guys want to see a sneak preview of my next week’s design go and watch her easter videos and tell her I sent you 🙂 without further a due here comes my pocket animal nail art tutorial as always start with base coat to protect your nails then a layer or two of a base color of your choice use a lighter shade from the same color family and draw a semi circle on the tip of the nail I just used the brush that came with the bottle grab a detail brush and line all the edges to frame the design again i’m keeping with the same color family here and used a darker green polish to make the bottom section look more like a pocket i’m going to add in some stitched lines to decorate around it now it’s time for the cute little pocket animals since Easter is coming up I decided to go with a bunny rabbit I did come up with a few alternatives for different kind of animals you can put in your pocket pocket so it’s up to you if you want to occupy all your fingers with cute animals or you can do
an accent nail with one animal of your choice then just have a stitched outline for the rest of your nails to compliment the accent nail so once you’ve drawn in the basic shape of the animals color in the ears and dot in the eyes don’t forget to add a little button on top of the pocket for the little kitty design i just changed the shape of the head and added in some tiny pointy ears
instead i also decided to draw in a tail because it looks so much cuter and if any of you have seen my marie design this looks kind of like the baby version of it same color and everything and then for the little cheeky monkey i decided to go with the color scheme from one of my older videos i did of the morality monkeys if you wanna go visit that tutorial you can click on the annotation or find the link in the description box below tell me
which monkey is your favorite so i know if my skills have improved after three years and then there is the little pinky since the background-color i went with is blue it reminded me of Dumbo for some reason so i decided to draw in an elephant and then after it came out i thought why does this look familiar then i realized the colors looks kind of similar to my twilight kitty nail design yeah so i recycled some color schemes in this video so I hope you don’t mind anyways so when you’re finally done add a layer of top coat to protect your masterpiece if you like this video please rate and add it to your favorite playlist please subscribe for updates i upload new videos every thursday my videos are now on pinterest so feel free to repin onto your own boards for easy access you can find all the links in the information bar below happy holidays everyone

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