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Cute Cat Could Be The World’s Shortest Feline

00:06 COMM: Standing at just five inches tall from
her paws to her shoulder, little Pixel could be the world’s shortest cat, and even though
Pixel small in stature, she’s big in personality and requires constant attention. 00:24 TIFFANI: They win hearts over like crazy,
people that aren’t cat people say “Oh my gosh now that’s cute” 00:29 COMM: Owner, Tiffani Kjeldergaard, breeds
the miniature felines – known as munchkin cats – at her ranch in Potrero, California. 00:37 TIFFANI: You can’t leave the doors open, you
can’t let refrigerators close too quickly, because somebody might have snuck up at the
bottom of the door and stuck their head in there, so we kind of lovely slowly when we
walk so we don’t kick or step on anybody, lord knows everybody’s probably been kicked
or stepped on at least once, because it’s just what happens in a small household of
little mini-me’s. 00:59 COMM: But the controversial breed have drawn
criticism from some animal lovers. 01:04 TIFFANI: People who don’t understand the achondroplasia
gene consider it a genetic defect or a mutation, or something that’s an abomination, and that’s
very unfair for them to say that. 01:12 COMM: Pixel’s mother Fizz Girl set the previous
record for World’s Shortest Cat in 2012 when she measured in at six inches tall. 01:25 COMM: And with Pixel’s measurements submitted
to Guinness, it could be that there will soon be a new record holder in the family.

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