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Shopping at Myeongdong Hello Doramaniacs, today I’ll take you shopping with me to the amazing Myeongdong I call it the magic paradise of korean makeup At this place you can find any korean cosmetic brand It is also a place where you can eat delicious Because you can find any type of korean food The prices are around 5000 or 20,000 won Depending on the place and the dish you decide to eat I decided to eat some cold noodles that are named like that because they are actually cold noodles they serve them over an ice layer they are very refreshing and super delicious believe me, I became addicted to this noodles Nature Republic, Skin Food, TonyMoly Holika Holika and Etude House are only a few of the brands you can find here By the way, she’s my friend Lina and she’s an expert in Korean Makeup that little thing it’s me It’s practically impossible to leave empty hand from this place But if you don’t have a big budget you can enjoy seen the cute decorations at the stores there are always very good promotions and many types of cosmetics you can pick At night, all the street vendors arrive and you can find from clothes to shoes to delicious korean street food And for the Hello Kitty lovers like myself at this area you can find one of the popular Hello Kitty Cafes It must be the most pink and kawaii place that you’ll ever visit in your life Here you can find all type of delicious drinks and desserts All of them with the popular hello kitty face The menu is varied and it’s a little bit more expensive than a regular coffee shop I ordered a green tea and even if I didn’t wanted to drink it because it was too cute I enjoyed it a lot, it was very delicious Here everything is decorated very girly and full of hello kitty details everywhere! If you wish, at this coffee shop you can also buy toys cups, watches, jewelry, decorations and all type of original hello kitty souvenirs but be aware of the expensive prices Even the restroom is pink and kawaii at this place and that’s all for today’s video, doramaniacs I hope you liked it please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and share it Tell me in the comments if you’d like to visit this place My name is Tania and all my social media will be at the description box see you next week with a new video here at my channel bye!

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