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Chubby Puppies New Kitty Plays at The Dog Park Playset Kids Toys

Chubby Puppies New Kitty Plays at The Dog Park Playset Kids Toys

Hey, everyone, it’s Sandra with the Disney
CarToys Channel, and Spidey Awesome, and today we have something so cool.
It’s Chubby Puppies and Friends, with, huh, a Kitty! What! Meow. Hahaha.
Apparently, the kitties and puppies are all friends together with a bunny!
Where’s our bunny? Yeah, bunny is behind you. Bunny! Rosie Satin is her name.
She’s rare. We opened her up earlier. Yep. She’s cute. Heheh. She’s so cute,
and I’m kind of interested to see what this kitty does. I know. First of all, it comes
with really interesting costumes. So, a bumblebee, and then a butterfly. Hahaha. It’s
a Tuxedo Shorthair. A Tuxedo Shorthair. It’s like a black and white kitty.
And then once let me turn this around, um. Okay. So, it says you can dress it up,
and I Kitty-walk. I kitty-walk! So, I don’t know what a kitty walk is. Heheheh. Hahaha.
But, um, it comes with a carrying case, too. Oh, cute! I am excited. I don’t
know, you know, let’s open it up and we’ll see what this kitty can do. Okay.
Here’s our cute little kitty! Meow! Hahaha. I’m getting so excited to see it walk around.
I know. It came with all this stuff, so we have, what, two headbands? Yeah, with little
heart antennas. Haha. Yes. This, I think, is for the butterfly? Oh, okay. Yeah.
Um-hm. Great. So, that’s cute. And here’s its butterfly, and the wings like
move. Oh! Rrrow! You don’t want to make this kitty mad. No. You don’t ever want
to make a kitty mad. And, there we go. Oh, and that’s cute. We’ll keep her in
that, and then she has a (Ooh!) magic fairy wand, a butterfly. A butterfly wand! Heheheh.
Cats do love to play with little wands and stuff. Yeah, they do. Okay. So,
let’s see. Let’s see her in action with this ‘cause I want to see if like the wings kind
of move with it? Okay, let’s see. Aah! Oh! Fail! Fail! It’s like a real cat! It
doesn’t want that stuff on it! It’s like “No! I’m not doing anything if stuff’s in me!”
Oh, you know, the wand would be kind of messing her up. Yep. It might be off-balancing
her. Rah! It’s difficult. Here you go. It doesn’t walk, it kind of wobbles. Yeah.
So, I guess it is kind of like a cat walk, like how cats kind of. Yeah. Kitty walk. Kitty
walk! And notice how it, yeah, I think what makes it do that it’s legs are a little
more pointed in width. Oh! Yeah, and so the puppies. And the other one. Here’s the
puppies. See, that’s more normal. Yeah. It’s like straight. And this one’s
like, and then the bunny, too. The bunny is kind of more straight. Interesting. Yeah.
They all walk differently. We’ll have them all walk together. Oh, boy! Here. Kitty. Rrow!
Here, let’s take off the butterfly thing, and well have them. Hop! Hop! Hop!
Hahaha! They’re so cute. Heheheh. They’re so happy and they’re all going
crazy together. Yeah, like the bunny totally hops, the cat kind of like slowly wobbles
around, and then the puppy’s like little prancy. Yeah that. It’s cool. It’s totally
different. Yeah. That is really cool. And she came with a little Chubby Puppies carrying
case, too! Yeah, it’s blue and pink. Here you go. Heheheh. Let me turn it off.
Oh, look, everybody, over there! Our bunny is like totally stuck. Ah, bunny! Okay,
here’s our kitty carrying case. It’s nice and kind of rubbery. Yeah. And it’s a good
place to store your accessories, like all this stuff. The wand, and the like the bee
outfit. Actually, you know what; let’s get the bee outfit on. I think the bee one’s
cuter than the butterfly. Let’s see it. It’s so funny, it’s a cat-bee! Yeah. Meow –zzzz.
Zzzzzz! Heheheh. ‘Cause kitties always want to be a bee! And, it looks like the wings
kind of move a little bit, too. Yeah, that’s cool! Let’s see if it balances
a little better. Yeah, it does better. Oh, yeah! There we go. Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow,
meow, meow. Here kitty, you want some bacon? Oh, yeah, do cat’s like
bacon? I don’t know. Uh-oh, she’s going to. Oh, there we go. Kitty’s got some bacon!
But, uh-oh! Rfff,rfff, rfff! Rrrw! Rwww! Rfff! Oh, no! Pup wins! Well, we just
need to give our kitty some tuna or something. Yeah, and I need some tuna. All
right, let’s see our kitty go on our little elevator slide. Huhuh. Yeah. Let’s
see how she does on that. Yeah. She likes the park. I don’t know if cats like the
park. It’s kind of more of a like a, dog thing. Yeah, usually, yeah. Come on now, kitty! Oh,
oh! Oh! There we go. Whee! She’s like “Meow, get me out of here!” Rrrow,
rrow, rrow! What! And down the slide! Whoo! There she is! She’s so cute! Heheheheh.
Well, our new little kitty is so cute. Yes it is. It’s so fun to have a variety
of Chubby animals! I know! Bunnies, kitties, puppies, all kinds. It’s awesome!
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us a like! Hey, Bunny! Subscribe! In the comments, let us know what your favorite
type of animal is. The doggie, the kitty, or bunny! I don’t know. It’s hard,
I think I like the bunny. You like the bunny? I so like the puppies. Yeah, the puppies are
cute, too! Click on a picture to watch another fun toy video, and click on the question
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