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CGR Undertow – TODD’S ADVENTURES IN SLIME WORLD review for Atari Lynx

Man, I’ve played a lot of Lynx games this
week, but… Holy crap, this one’s just… It’s, like…it’s like Metroid, only without
the hot chick. You know what, that makes it seem less good, um…alright, think of a side-scroller
where you’re walking through a slime world, but the controls are a bit clunky, so…it
feels like…you are walking through slime. Okay, that’s not…flattering, look…imagine
this huge labyrinth, but without Jennifer Connelly. Actually, now we’re losing the hot chick
again. Look, I’m coming up with awful comparisons. Point is, this is Todd’s Adventures In Slime
World, and it’s probably my favorite Lynx game. Even if it doesn’t sound like it. Even without
hot chicks. Anyway, you play as Tood. Who is anything
but a hot chick, he’s a guy who flies around the galaxy and finds slime planets, and like
a kid with a salt shaker and a sidewalk full of garden slugs, he goes inside with a squirt
gun and sprays every last native species he sees for no reason other than to watch them
explode. So Todd’s an asshole. But you’ve also got to give it to him, ‘cause
his adventures are pretty enjoyable. Even if his reasoning is, again…somewhat murderous,
and at the very least, naturalistically insensitive. Either way, Todd’s the man, deal with it.
And his Lynx game is the best Lynx game. And you know the coolest thing about it? His Lynx game…is kind of multiplayer focused…but
on a system that, like…seven people actually had. So Todd was literally like, “What’s
that, only seven people bought a Lynx?” “Sounds good, let’s add eight-player multiplayer.” Because Todd’s the man, deal with it. So if you have friends, who are as weird as
you are, and have both an Atari Lynx and Todd’s Adventures In Slime World…well, I guess
there’s someone for everyone. Also that means you can play Todd’s multiplayer. The
only more fun than exploring these strange alien planets, is exploring them with a friend.
Like, other than Todd, Todd’s the man. And if not, hey…the game’s still awesome.
And it really is a lot like Metroid. You land on a planet, you end up inside it…and all
you know is, there’s an exit somewhere. The question, obviously, is where that exit
is, and how you’re gonna get there. Also, why is Todd… Is he doing what it looks like he’s…you
know what, forget it, Todd’s the man. You know what’s so cool about this game?
Besides Todd, and his behavior? It’s, like…it’s a game that has atmosphere, you know? Not
to the extent of Metroid, but…it’s got atmosphere, nonetheless. You’re going deeper
and deeper into these dark tunnels, and things just keep getting more and more disgusting…and
there’s slime, everywhere. It’s dripping from the ceilings, it’s oozing from the
walls…it’s forming into little pools, at your feet… So when you see a pool of water, to clean
yourself off, it’s a huge relief… It just does a really good job of creating
a creepy, gross, alien vibe. Again, not as well as Metroid, but…still, pretty freaking
good. And also, a bit more cartoony, a bit less dark… It’s just a cool-looking game, and the sound’s
good, too. Now, I mentioned earlier that the controls
are a bit clunky? Well, that’s because the controls are a bit clunky. Like, it’s a
bit floaty, a bit imprecise…jumping, especially. It can be hard to jump with any precision,
or to land where you want to sometimes. Which is sort of a pet peeve of mine. Like, having
grown up with platformers on the NES, and Super NES… I mean, my bar for how a platformer should
control is, like…Mario. Mega Man. Just really responsive, very tight…and Todd’s not
that responsive, or tight. I mean, he’s tight, but… I mean that in the way rappers say it. Because Todd’s the man, deal with it. So listen, does it play perfectly? No, no
it doesn’t, and that’s kind of a big deal. But if you can get used to it…man, this
is just a cool game. Like, there’s a few different missions, each one’s slightly
different, and has its own rules…and they just drop you off. No direction, just a bunch
of…exploring. And it’s a fun place to explore, it’s twisted, and windy, and… And gross, it’s very gross, it’s Todd’s
Adventures In Slime World. It’s, like…imagine Castlevania, but combined
with Ghostbusters II. Hey, a good comparison! Ha. Nailed it.

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