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CGR Undertow – RYGAR review for Atari Lynx

CGR Undertow – RYGAR review for Atari Lynx

Well. We’re, like, two games into our Atari
Lynx week… And I’m already dying, and failing, spectacularly…at
Atari Lynx games. Oh—Rygar! Damn you! You know, Rygar’s one of those games that’s,
just…it’s got a name, that could only be a video game. Or an evil space alien, who
wears a cape, with a really high collar. In the grand tradition of…Zaxxon; Gravitar;
Quarth; Volfied; Herzog Kwei; Tommy Lasorda Baseball. I give you Rygar. A hundred levels of spiky
worm things that roll all over like balls, stupid green dragons that bounce around like
balls, things that fly around and drop bad guys on you and are annoying as balls, and
a guy who dances with statues, which kind of makes you wonder, if he has any balls. Then you remember, dude’s name is Rygar. Which is a name that makes your balls, seem
awfully tiny. Although, actually, the name of the guy varies, to be fair. In some versions,
Rygar is actually the name of the villain, or something? There’s…translations involved,
I don’t know. Point is, he throws stuff at monsters. And wears…red tights. You want to squabble
with a guy like that, be my guest. Show Rygar, the size of your balls. So Rygar’s been released for at least a
dozen different platforms over the years, but it was originally an arcade game. And
the Lynx version comes about as close as it can. You play as Rygar…I think…and it’s
side-scroll city. You run to the right, you slash your way through the monsters, you power-up
your weapon, you get to the exit… And by God, you dance. And actually, this might sound crazy…but
in retrospect, Rygar feels a lot like today’s runners, that are so popular on mobile devices
and handhelds. I mean, you’re running to the right; levels are mostly just flat surfaces,
with some basic platforming…if Rygar moved automatically, this might as well be an iPhone
game. And I mean that as a compliment. What I’m saying is, Rygar feels a bit more
contemporary than you might expect. Or the very least, less dated, because a lot of its
elements have been repurposed for modern runners. So it’s cool, it’s like…an arcade game,
that almost feels rejuvenated, because of the games it’s helped inspired. Not that
it feels new, but…the gameplay actually kind of feels… Like, somehow less old? Even though it is? Like your friend’s hot mom. The red tights
are a coincidence. So the game plays well, actually feels very
familiar and even contemporary in a way, looks pretty good…but if there’s a criticism,
of this version in particular…is that the smaller screen doesn’t do Rygar any favors.
See, in the arcades, you can see a lot more of the level, so enemies don’t just end
up on you. Like your friend’s hot…sauce. Because he’s a sloppy…eater…whatever,
you can’t see as much of the level as would be optimal. So sometimes, you don’t have
much time to react, and that can be frustrating… And apparently, it’s only got 23 levels.
It’s, like… Three-fourths smaller. And that won’t impress…anyone’s
mom. Then again, I was pretty impressed. I mean,
it’d be fair to expect an Atari Lynx version of an arcade game from 1986 to feel at least
a bit outdated. But it doesn’t—at least, not as much as you’d expect. It plays well,
even if it’s a little frustrating…the presentation is good, even if the Lynx has
a lot of games with better sound and graphics…but it’s a solid game. Gets old kind of fast, and you’re gonna
die a lot…but that’s the thing about Rygar. He’s here to make you a man. Not to shop
with your mom. The red tights are a coincidence. It’s Rygar,
for the Atari Lynx.

4 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – RYGAR review for Atari Lynx

  • I bought this game so next i can enjoy the arcade port of it portibly, sothat rygar can show his balls against those enemy's.

  • Honestly, I'd just use an emulator to film these reviews in the case of games that will not look good onscreen in their original forms (and besides, if these reviews drum up interest many players are going to use emulation to enjoy the games anyway).

    On-topic: my friends and I used to walk a couple of miles to play this back when it was new. I still can smell the Slurpee machine in the little convenience store we'd go to. This game totally enraptured us, and we'd dump in tons of quarters, but never finished it. There was a huge, intimidating evil head that would come out and chase you if you took too long on a level. I remember we made it to the Village of the Bug-People (that's what we called it) for the first time and lost our minds. GREAT old school game, this one, I own the arcade port on the original Xbox.

  • Review the Atari Lynx version of Toki!
    Also, maybe your Lynx needs new caps, my model 1 has a better screen than that, it is covered in streaks and looks washed out compared to how a Lynx screen should look.

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