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Catamount Lynx Live Fire

Catamount Lynx Live Fire

Hey, everybody. Ben with Classic Firearms here. I wanted to show you today our Catamount Lynx
shotgun. We’ve done a brief introductory video on these
lots before when they came into the warehouse, but we’re here at Take Aim Training Range
today and you really can’t tell as much about these as you need to, unless you see them
under live fire. We thought we would highlight them again. It’s a beautiful, well made, Turkish shotgun,
all kind of features. Has a scope rail here. Something unique to this shotgun is it does
have a three dot sight system. The real sights are built into the rail, and
it ends up on the front with a fiber optic sight. You also have a very nice muzzle break and
flash reducer here at the end. It’s a spring assisted pump action, so you
can actually turn it loose at the rear. Makes it very quick and the cycle’s very much
like a Benelli. It’s got a recoil reducing shoulder pad on
the stock. Ergonomic pistol grip. Once again, just a very, very nice high end
pump shotgun. Frankly, probably the best bang for the buck
of any shotgun out there on the market. Eric, can you still see me okay here? This shotgun is chambered for both two and
three quarter and three inch shells. We have a variety of shells here today, all
different brands and shot type. We’ve even got some slugs, as you can see,
solid one ounce lead slug. Double-aught buckshot, number four shot, number
six shot, number eight bird shot. We’re going to load some of these up. we’re going to put them down range, and let
you see how they fire. Eric, just stay with me. We’re going to end with a number eight. Let’s see, let’s go a, probably about a number
four there, that’s what it was. Number six. Let’s see here, we’ll start off with slug. Once this puts a big hole, we’ll shoot all
these shot around it, and we’ll follow that up with a buckshot. If I did that in the right order, we’ll be
able to put some loads downrange, and we’re going to take a little break, set the cameras
up different. When we come back, live fire with the Catamount
Lynx 12 gauge. All right, we’re back with the Catamount Lynx. Loaded up, we’re going to fire a slug first,
then follow it by buckshot, and then some different variations of number six, number
four, number eight. Ears in. We’re going to be firing into some ammo cases
today, just because we have plenty of them laying around the shop. A warning, do not do this with your ammo case
if it’s live, if it’s full of live rounds. Probably would not be good. Here we go. Safety off. Range is hot. Catamount Lynx shotgun. That first three inch slug kind of rocked
my world a little bit, but boy, that was fun. We may just load up and do it again. We’re having so much fun, we decided to do
it again. I love the way this weapon feeds and chambers
rounds. It is so smooth, it does it on its on. That was five, this makes six, full capacity. Eric, is that camera running? All right, very good. One more time, from the hip, here we go. Woo, that’s fun. Catamount Lynx, www.classicfirearms.com. That’s a wrap. Hello, friends. If you’re viewing this, you just watched our
live fire video, featuring the Catamount Lynx. In this bonus footage, I want to tell you
a little bit about the making of that video, and also, some conclusions that I’ve come
to after making that video. The first conclusion is this. It is embarrassing to show fear on video,
and you saw me do just that when I pulled the trigger on that three inch slug through
the Catamount for the first time. Let me explain that a little bit. We don’t carry shotgun ammunition here at
Classic. We don’t sell it, we didn’t want to make a
trip to Walmart, so we dug through drawers and I went through the closet at home and
found an old shotgun belt that was full of ammunition, including the three inch slug. I knew that that belt had been hanging in
a closet for almost 20 years and no telling how old that slug was. I also knew that ammunition tends to get hotter
as it gets older. If you’ve got an old round, chances are that
it can be very hot when you pull the trigger. Having never fired a slug out of a Catamount,
I had confidence in the weapon, but I didn’t have that much confidence in the weapon. I did not know what it would do. I put on a game face and fired the slug. You’ll see when it fires, I actually removed
my left hand from the weapon. I think it was a subconscious attempt to run
should the thing blow up in my hands. Actually, the weapon performed beautifully,
I fired another old buckshot load behind it, it had quite a blast, it was three inch double-aught
buckshot. You can see from the smoke and everything
that clears after that round that it was a very powerful round. Anyway, we got through it. I don’t recommend that to you folks at home,
if you don’t have confidence in your ammunition, throw it away, get rid of it, get some good
stuff. It did prove the weapon. After we stopped rolling, we had a little
bit of that ammo left, including some of the old ammo that was still in that old ammo belt
that I was telling you about. Eric, my cameraman, and I decided just to
shoot up the rest of that ammo and be done with it. We were having so much fun that day on the
range. It was cold. You see me shaking out there a little bit. If you see him in the video footage, he’s
actually in a heavy coat and gloves, toboggan. Thanks a lot, Eric, I had to be on camera
and can’t shoot very well with a coat on. At any rate, having said that, we went out
there and fired up the rest of that ammo. We had a few more slugs, they all fired great,
we had some more buckshot, it all performed flawlessly. I started thinking, not only is this a great
tactical shotgun, but it was so multipurpose with all those different ammo’s, that I think
it would make an excellent deer rifle. It fired the slugs very accurately, exactly
where I was pointing, just like a rifle. Within 50 or 60 yards, it did great. It also fired the buckshot well. Because of your rail here, it’s very easy
to set up with either a reflex sight or a scope or something of that nature. We want to show you how you can adapt some
of that stuff to this shotgun and make it the ideal home defense/turkey/big buck deer
hunting tactical shotgun. Let’s start with our electro sight. This is an electro four dot, so you have four
different aperture or dot capabilities, a reflex sight, this one is made by NcStar. We’ve sold a lot of these, they’re a great
price point. We have a lot of confidence in them. Because of the built in rail here, as you
see, it can drop right on. Let me grab my alan wrench. Few turns of the wrench, front and back, and
it’s mounted very secure, ready to fire. It’s quick acquisition, you can fire with
both eyes open. Aw, this works great. Excellent. Excellent sight picture there. Not only that, but because there’s a groove
in the rail itself, you can still drop your head down and see your open sights if you
want to go to that. Very nice option for this shotgun with the
rail, the NcStar electro reflex sight. Give some thought to that. For those of you who want to scope up your
shotgun, we’re going to drop a scope on there, just to let you see how it looks. We do not carry shotgun scopes, at least not
here at Classic. We may look into taking some on. This is a rifle scope I’m going to be putting
on this weapon. Just for demonstration purposes, just so you’ll
know, we never recommend a rifle scope for a shotgun. Shotguns recoil differently than rifles, and
it tends to damage the optic in rifle scopes. If you want to scope up a shotgun, go to Walmart,
Dicks Sporting Goods, Gander Mountain, get a shotgun scope specifically made for a shotgun. It’s worth the investment. We want to show you how one of these will
mount up very quickly and how it looks on the Catamount. I didn’t put all four screws in each one of
these, I just put two for demonstration purposes. Still holds it good and snug for these purposes. Beautiful scoped up shotgun. Take a look at that. Looks good at the shoulder. I got it on a little crooked. Now we’re straight. It will be ready for final tight down. Great looking shotgun with a scope. Looks great with a reflex. Looks great by itself. If you think I’m spending a lot of time promotion
these shotguns, you’re absolutely right. There’s a reason for that. We got a buyout on these shotguns. Got a fantastic price, so we can offer them
at a fantastic price. We’re consistently running this shotgun at
under $200. To me, this is a $400, $500 shotgun easily. I’ve seen how it performs, it’ll run the gamut
as far as purposes that you need a shotgun for. I think everybody needs one of these. I hardly ever buy anything for myself, but
I did give myself one of these. I proudly own it, proudly endorse it. Find out more about it, as always, at www.classicfirearms.com.

15 thoughts on “Catamount Lynx Live Fire

  • You hardly ever buy anything? I don't believe it, if I could purchase at the prices you do(I'm sure you get a good discount), I'd have a few more firearms. Either way keep up the good work, and I'm looking forward to making a few purchases from you when I get my C&R. 🙂

  • Cool video and nice shotgun. If I was in the market for a new shotgun I would give that one a long look. Of course it doesn't hurt that Classic is one of the very best companies, any company not just gun dealer, I've ever dealt with. They are very well known among firearms enthusiasts for there fairness, honesty and treating their customers how they would like to be treated.

  • I went searching for a video on your Lynx shotgun after I saw your first video, but I didn't see this one because "Lynx" wasn't in the title line. I glossed over it until I realized that you had uploaded one. Needless to say, I'm glad you did (and I really like the shotgun), but (and this is just my personal opinion here) you should probably list the specific model you're demoing in your title line. That way people won't have to rely on the thumbnail picture. That aside, thanks for the video – it's an incredible price for what you get.

  • When the forend is pulled back, it looks as though the breach is covered by something? I'm with the other person that asked could you disable or remove the spring for the forward? A tactical reload would require the bolt stay back so one can drop a round directly into the chamber if necessary. Can that be done? Or is the only way to make the gun hot is to put the rounds I the magazine first? Big question…. I hope you or someone that owns one and has shot it can answer. Thanks.

  • Amazing shotgun especially for it's price, I've had one for a long time now and put many rounds through it and I've never had any problems with it. Great gun!

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