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Cat With An Iron Hoop On Her Neck Starves But Feeds Her Kittens | Animal in Crisis EP43

Cat With An Iron Hoop On Her Neck Starves But Feeds Her Kittens | Animal in Crisis EP43

After arriving at the reported place Found a kitten who was born recently I came to check out the noise He thinks the kitten has fallen down From the top of the wall Might be one of the kittens from a stray cat Who showed up here 3 years ago Shortly after returning the kitten To where the kittens live The mother cat appeared But.. The thing that’s around her neck is Is a thick iron hoop Despite the choking hoop around her neck The mother cat never gives up taking care of her kittens Next day Waiting for the mother cat to show up Local/ There she is! PD/ Where? Local/ Right there With an iron hoop around her neck The mother cat appeared However she moves, The hoop never seems to be removed How did she end up with the hoop around her neck? But.. The mother cat is very wary of people Once we try to remove the hoop choking her neck And get closer to her The cat runs away, right away A month ago, the mother cat Suddenly appeared with the hoop around her neck And wandered around the town Her name is Kkeutsoon Eat~ She comes often. She sits in front of the door like that Perhaps she’s been starving She swallows the meat hurriedly Due to the strangling hoop Swallowing food And even walking is hard for her She only ate one piece What’s the hoop strangling her neck? Oh my, what is this? A pipe or sth? This is really bad/ Isn’t it a car wheel? During the search Found a clue in a hardware store nearby This one is that It must have been put in this way This part is where the cat’s head is, and the rest is where her body is This iron hoop with the rubber part Looks exactly the same with the hoop around the cat’s neck It’s a kitchen sink drainer locknut Underneath is the body strainer The hoop turns out to be.. A sink drainer locknut that links a pipe to the drain hole Perhaps she got stuck in it while searching for food Or someone might have tried to choke her neck with the hoop Animal abuse is common these days so.. Some people shoot BB guns at cats Someone might have.. Put the hoop around her head on purpose Since then Kkeutsoon’s become very wary of people To avoid people The place where Kkeutsoon heads to is Full of abandoned kitchen sinks Perhaps her neck was stuck with the hoop at this place The staff is looking around the sinks It looks exactly the same with the hoop around her neck Same shape with the rubber part While Kkeutsoon was looking for food Climbed up to the top of it And got her neck stuck in the sinkhole.. That very night Kkeutsoon moves to somewhere hurriedly Goes into a bush And takes her kittens out! Followed by the other kitten Seems like she’s moving her kittens To the place where her other kittens are at But then.. The kitten lost her mom on the way The mother cat is already gone… Can’t find her, right?/ Yes, I don’t see her Flustered kitten As he has never lost his mom ever in his life Hiding at the corner, the kitten waits for the mother cat After a while The mother cat shows up As if she would never miss her kittens again The mother cat holds the kitten strongly with her mouth Including 2 kittens she moved today 6 kittens in total Perhaps she’s getting hungry Kkeutsoon gets up again Looking at a bowl But the time is too late.. There’s no way to satisfy her hunger Even no water.. Eventually, Kkeutsoon heads to A dump in the corner As she can’t find food even there She moves to the other place And then Starts to scavenge food out of the trash Then she takes a plastic bag with her mouth, and goes back Kkeusoon fam’s house is Inside a bush at the corner of the playground But their house is Full of insects and trash Surrounded by dangerous things Therefore Decided to rescue Kkeusoon’s fam with a vet Last night Kkeutsoon couldn’t find any food After seeing a meal Now knowing that the door is shut Kkeutsoon starts to eat The door is closed! Vet : As she has been breastfeeding 6 kittens She must have starved That’s why she’s less wary of things around her While kkeusoon digs in food The vet rescues the kittens The mother cat hid her kittens deep in the bush Takes out all kittens one by one Due to an unfamiliar situation The kittens are crying out loud Upon hearing her kittens crying Kkeutsoon gets embarrassed Struggles so hard to escape the capture cage Then.. The hoop is removed! After the hoop that strangled her neck is removed Kkeutsoon is flustered The hoop that made everyone anxious Vet : Ah.. She had it on her neck so far I can see the trace where it’s bent When she pulled it out The hoop was crooked Unlike this flat part, here is crooked Kkeutsoon must have freaked out Takes her to the hospital The mother cat couldn’t eat properly due to the hoop on her neck It must’ve been difficult to take care of all 6 kittens Vet : She raised these kittens so well They’re all chubby with the same size each Despite a poor situation, Kkeutsoon did a great job in taking care of her kittens How’s her health? Vet : She has a low level of calcium with little anemia It indicates that Breastfeeding her kittens to the point where they become chubby Led to the lack of calcium, causing anemia at the same time Though she couldn’t eat properly Kkeutsoon did her best to take care of her kittens Not knowing that her health was getting worse.. Kkeutsoon has to stay at the hospital for the treatment Also, she needs to be restrained from breastfeeding her kittens So instead, will provide meals to the kittens And make them spend more time together Despite the hoop stuck in her neck, The mother cat protected her kittens with strong motherly love Hope happiness comes to the lovely Kkeutsoon family

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