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Cat Daddy!

(upbeat music) (clapping and cheering) Welcome back. It’s time for Ask Wendy. Everybody have a seat except for you, come on, over. How you ‘doin?
How you ‘doin? (laughs) What’s your name, where you from? My name’s Michael, I live in New York. Okay, what do you do? I do window displays for Bloomingdales. Fabulous!
Yes. That’s like Rhoda used to that back on the Rhoda show. That’s correct. All right, well how can I help you? All right, so I was recently referred to as a cat daddy because I have two beautiful cats, who I take very good care of. We do the treats and the toys get delivered every month. And, if the guy doesn’t like the cat and the cat doesn’t like the guy then that’s that, yeah. Well, I mean, And, I’m wondering if my cats are keeping me single. (audience laughs) Well, I don’t understand, it’s not that they’re allergic to them it’s just that they don’t want cats around. Sometimes that’s the case, yeah, sometimes people don’t like the allergies and you know, the cats move around a lot and jump around and wake you up. See, I do believe in people first. You know what I mean? Even though I do have cats and I treat them well as well. Although I don’t buy the toys. If you throw a bottle cap down on the ground they have fun all day.
You’re right, you’re right, I stopped that toy thing. But I will tell you, I don’t know your cats and I don’t know your household and I don’t know the demeanor of the men you’re bringing home but I do say, my love life and people first. Correct.
Okay? And so you’ll have to figure this one out. I’m sorry I don’t have a concrete answer for you. I appreciate it, thank you.
(audience applauds) You’re very welcome. Oh gosh, from head to toe! How you doin’
How you doin’ Wendy? What’s your name?
My name is Donna from New Jersey and I’m a new grandmother. Okay, congratulations.
Thank you so much. So my daughter has her first child, right? And I’m a mother of four. But every time she needs advice she never takes it from me. So, I’ll say to her, “Why don’t you take my advice? I’ve raised four kids.” She says, “No, I have to ask my lactose consultant, or my chocolate milk panel, or the doctor from the job.” So, my question is, do I continue to offer it or just leave her alone? Continue to offer it. You know, you can’t force advice down kids throats. I don’t know what the lactose consultant is Me either.
(audience laughs) But between the doctor and what are the chocolate milk panel, her friends? A group of black women that breastfeed. Chocolate milk, yes.
(audience laughs) No matter how youthful and vibrant we are children will always look at us as being decrepit. I know, right?
You know what I’m sayin’? So just continue giving her advice and then wait for her to one day come to you when she’s really in a pickle. ‘Cause they always return home. Yes.
Okay? Can I say hi to my granddaughter? No, you just did. (audience laughs) (rapid dance music)

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