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Caracal vs Clouded Leopard | ANIMAL BATTLE (+Dingo vs African Wild Dog winner)

I hope that intro made you curious because
these 2 animals are just amazing, one being a very skilled tree climber and the other
being able to jump more than 3 meters in height! I can’t wait to announce the competitors
of the 11th episode of Animal Battle. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to present
you our 2 competitors: The Caracal
VS The Clouded Leopard
Also at the end of the video, you will find out who is the winner of the last battle between
the Dingo and the African Wild Dog. Let’s do it! I’m Mario and this is Animal Battle. To decide who is going to be the winner of
this battle we are going to evaluate both of them based on 6 different characteristics:
Agility, Attack, Defense, Intelligence, Bonus Skill, and Survival, because it is not only
power that matters. But, having said that you might be amazed
by their hunting strategies so don’t miss that. So let’s jump right into it. We will start with the agility stats which
are just impressive, especially for their size. So clouded leopards can reach speeds of up
to 64 km/h which is already impressive, but caracals can run at a speed of 80 km/h which
is as fast as a lion. And it is just the beginning. Caracals are also adroit climbers, being able
to climb trees with ease. But still, they are not as good at that as
clouded leopards, which are just amazing in trees. Clouded Leopards can rotate their ankles so
that they can actually go downwards a tree holding themselves with their back legs, which
is an ability that no other felid has. Even more, they have been spotted walking
upside down on branches, which is very helpful since they live in jungles. Their tail plays an important role in that
because it is used for balance. But the Caracal has one more card up its sleeve. It can actually jump higher than 3m to catch
birds in mid-air. It is even more impressive when you take into
consideration their size. For these amazing jumps, they use their strong
back legs. Caracals can even twist and change its direction
in mid-air. Also, when it is able to jump so high, it
is important to have a proper landing technique. So when it is in the air the caracal needs
to push itself to turn around, but there is nothing there. It rotates its front and back end in different
directions at the same time to push against itself. Then the caracal holds its paws closer to
spin faster and prepares for a safe landing. Now let’s see their agility stats. So their agility stats are just amazing, caracals
being better at this due to their higher speed and their incredible jumping ability, but
the clouded leopard’s climbing ability is also remarkable. And these abilities will come in handy when
we will talk about their attack and defense stats. They are actually pretty small compared to
other felids as you can see from these shots from American television shows. To see exactly how big they are we are going
to use some detective skills learned as a Russian spy (although I’m not from Russia). So knowing the height of Conan O’Brien and
counting the pixels I approximated the length of caracals to about 78 cm and their weight
to 12-18 kg. And to be sure I double checked it with Wikipedia,
so my calculations are correct. I did the same thing for finding the height
of clouded leopards and approximated their body length to 81-108 cm and the tail length
to 74-91 cm. They can also weight 11.5 to 23 kg. And surprisingly my calculations match the
numbers from Wikipedia. Although they look pretty small, caracals
can hunt animals from rodents and small birds to sheep, goats, impalas and even ostriches. The caracal stalks the prey until it is within
5 m of it, after which it runs it down and bites the prey by the throat. Here is used its amazing speed. But it is even more interesting when caracals
catch birds in mid-air. It executes its amazing jump and tries to
injure the bird hitting it with one paw or tries to catch and bring it down, after which
the meal is served. It usually hunts during the night and has
2 cm long canines for inflicting extra damage. But that is nothing compared to the canines
of the clouded leopard which are 4 cm long. The clouded leopard is also called the „Modern-day-sabertooth”
because it has the largest canines in proportion to its body size from all felids. They are nocturnal and solitary and can hunt
rodents, porcupines, pangolins as well as monkeys, birds, deer and even cattle. Unfortunately, there are no videos of them
hunting since they are pretty rare and hard to spot in jungles. Both of them have competitors. Clouded leopards can be killed by leopards
and tigers, so they try to avoid them by climbing trees, while caracals are mostly killed by
hyenas and lions, but have other competitors like jackals, leopards, and cheetahs. It’s time to see their stats. It is hard to compare their attack stats since
they have different hunting techniques, clouded leopards hunting in trees and the caracal
running the prey down or catching flying birds, but both have pretty high attack stats for
their size and are doing a little bit worse at defense stats due to their many competitors. Now we’re moving on to bonus skills. Clouded leopards have a clouded pattern which
is very good for camouflage in jungles. Caracals are also difficult to observe in
savannahs due to their camouflage and the black tufts on the ears actually give them
a more irregular shape to blend better in grass. Both of them have good night vision and caracals
also have black lines around their eyes to reduce glare caused by the sunlight. Also, caracals have big ears for an excellent
hearing and can move them in all directions using 20 different muscles. So let’s see their bonus skill stats. So caracals are a little bit better at this
due to their exceptional hearing. Now we will quickly talk about intelligence
stats. Both of them are pretty intelligent because
they are carnivores and hunting requires a higher level of intelligence. So their intelligence stats are… Good enough. And last, but not least are survival stats
which are important because an animal species can participate further in Animal Battle as
long as it is not extinct. Surprisingly, caracals are doing fairly good
here, being listed as a least concern species. Unfortunately the same can’t be said about
clouded leopards which are listed as a vulnerable species because there are less than 10 000
of them in the wild. This is mainly due to humans hunting them
for their bones and canines used in medicine and beautiful coats used for making expensive
clothes. But do you think such a coat is worth the
life of several clouded leopards? Also, clouded leopards have 1-5 cubs which
can live up to 11 years in the wild, and caracals can have 1-6 kittens which will live up to
12 years. So now we can see their final stats. As you can see both of them have fairly good
stats, being especially good at agility and attack for their size. So who won? Well, it is up to you because you can vote
the winner in the poll right there and leave your interesting opinions in the comments
down below. Also tell your friends, parents, and babushka
to smash that subscribe button because I intend to take on both pew die pie and t series. Nice, now I can announce the winners of the
last battle between the Dingo and the African Wild Dog. So, after counting all the votes, the winner
is… the African Wild Dog! It is an amazingly powerful and agile predator
and I think it has a chance to win even the grey wolf. And those who voted for the Dingo don’t
be upset, because here, on M from aniMals we know that all animals are amazing! So, once again, don’t forget to vote the
winner of this episode’s battle in the top right corner and if you like what I make consider
supporting me on patreon. Respect animals!

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