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Bubble Bubble Meows and the Lame O Baby Jib 2015

Bubble Bubble Meows and the Lame O Baby Jib 2015

(straw slurping) – Bubble Bubble Meow’s diary. Tuesday, Dear diary, I have been patiently
waiting four to six weeks for my $1,000,000 worth
of underwear to arrive. During this time I bought
a bag of marshmallows and following my friend,
String Bean’s instructions I’ve built a marshmallow robot. But it fell apart, so
my friend Joey Junior came over to play
cabbage cribbage with me. – Bubble Meows why are you
reading your diary aloud? – I wasn’t reading it aloud, that was a voiceover. – But your mouth was moving. – I was recording the
voiceover part just now. Any way, it’s your turn. – Okay, just don’t forget the high stakes we’re
playing for Bubble Meows. If you win you get to buy
me a custard doughnut. If I win you have to buy
a dozen custard doughnuts. – Shouldn’t we play for something else. The last 10 games were
for custard doughnuts. And now I already have to buy you– – Exactly 130 custard doughnuts. We’re working in baker’s
dozens, naturally. – You’ll never eat that many doughnuts. – Try me. – Let’s just pick something
else for this game. – All right, kaboppy
breath, how bout if you win you have to eat one of your pieces of nincompoop, useless junk over there. – No way, those are collectibles. They’re worth a lot and besides why would I want to eat one of those? – It would be hysterical. – I won’t do it, pick something else. – Ah, your disinclination exasperates me. Okay, how bout if you
win I’ll eat something? How about a page from
this dictionary here? – Fine, just go, it’s your turn. (crunching) – There I win. – Again? – Well, naturally. I actually know how to play this game. – I guess I should just learn how sometime instead of making random moves. Hey, what are you doing? – I won, so I’m eating a
page from this dictionary. – But I thought you only
had to do that if I won? – So what, I just wanted
to eat a page anyway. Don’t tan my hide. (phone ringing) – Yes, this is Bubble Bubble Meows, a mop is going to walk by
with the name of the movie? (upbeat instrumental music) (upbeat music) Bye bye. ♫ Why is this movie ♫ Called Bubble Bubble Meows ♫ and the Lame-O Baby Jib ♫ Why could it not have ♫ Been called instead ♫ Bubble Bubble Meows eats some grits ♫ Or even Bubble Bubble Meows ♫ Eats lots and lots and lots and lots ♫ And lots and lots of grits ♫ Grits are tasty and
I would like to watch ♫ A movie just about them ♫ Maybe if we all wish hard enough ♫ The movie can be about grits ♫ Come and wish with me ♫ Wish for a different movie ♫ A movie all about grits ♫ (paper crunching) Oh, it’s not working. – Kay, – What? – Kay. – Kay, what? – Kay boppy. (doorbell ringing) – Beep beep. – I wish you’d get rid
of that ridiculous plant. – Which ridiculous plant? – The one we just walked past. The one that beeped at us. – Beep beep. – Oh, you mean my beep-beep plant. – Whatever, I just don’t
like it beeping like that. It startles me. And I’ve got a weak ticker. – This must be it, my $1,000,000 worth of underwear. – Excitement hangs in the air like a sandpaper tongue depressor. (funky horn music) – I’m so excited, $1,000,000
worth of underwear. I can’t contain myself. This is the most wonderful day of my life. (box tearing) Oh my, diapers? – Giant diapers, to be precise. – There must be some mistake, I won underwear, not diapers. – Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but if you’re the kind of person who sincerely wants
$1,000,000 worth of underwear you definitely deserve a humongous box of humongous diapers. – There’s a packing slip here, Ethiopia, I think that’s in Massachusetts. It says here it’s a million dollars worth and there are some instructions. May cause temporary,
repressive fugue state. – That sounds like fun. – I wonder what a
regressive fugue state is? Let’s look it up in the dictionary. Regressive, regressive, hey, the page for regressive is missing. – That was the page I ate. – How about fugue, hm? Fugue, fugue, hey that
page is missing too? – What they taste good to me. – It’s just as well. I wouldn’t know what to do
with giant diapers anyway. – You could pet them and
call them sweet names. – Maybe I can donate them to charity? Hello, operator? Can you connect me with a charity that uses diapers? – Who are they connecting you with? – The Diapers for Gooey
Ducks organization. – They better be giant gooey ducks. – They better like
regressive fugue states, whatever that is. – It just means the diapers relax you. Diapers are relaxing. (funky horn music) – Giant diapers, humina humina. I just don’t know what to say? Humina humina, well let’s try it out. Well, how do you feel? – Scared. – Humina humina. – Why are you wearing a bed sheet? – Because I’m ashamed to
be working for a charity that puts diapers on gooey ducks. – Oh. – What do we do now, Joey Junior? – Why don’t we just have a yard sale, that way we can unload these giant diapers and all that cheesy, garbagy
trash you keep on the shelf. – Jeepers, I don’t know? – Agree to do it or else I’ll eat another page
from your precious dictionary. (paper crunching) – Okay, I agree, I agree. – I can’t here you. (paper crunching) – Stop eating that dictionary. – Too good not to eat. (paper crunching) (funky horn music) – I sure hope this works. Do you really think the
diapers will sell better if we display them as serving platters? – Every body loves a serving platter. They’re like red carpets
for food celebrities. – Hi. – Hi. – Who are you? – That’s Bobble Meows. – Bubble Bubble Meows, who are you? – I’m a bunny. – Big whoop. – What unique serving platters. Is that anchovy paste? – No, they’re whole anchovies. Even better than paste. – I’ll give you a sticky
nickel for the whole set. – Sold. – Not sold, don’t you know the value of valuable serving plates? These things are worth a fortune. – All I have is this sticky nickel. – What’s it sticky with? – I don’t know. I found it inside my right ear. I don’t want it and I don’t want your fancy
serving plates either, will you take the nickel anyway? – Okay. – Is it actually sticky? – Yes. – Does it smell? – Yes. – Me cave woman, me come to live inside ditch inside your lawn. – But I don’t have ditch in my lawn? (hands scratching) – You now have a ditch in your lawn and a cave woman living
inside of it to boot. – [Cave Woman] Me hungry. – Jeepers, what now? – [Cave Woman} Me Hungry. – I think she’s hungry. – [Cave Woman] Me hungry, give food. – I guess I could throw
some of these eggs down? – Just don’t waste the anchovies on her. (cave woman chewing) – [Cave Woman] Hm, more, me hungry. – Don’t you touch those anchovies. – Yippie yippie, giant diapers. – Are you in the market for giant diapers? – You betcha, sign me
up for the giant diapers sure as my name is Raul the Rutabaga. – Pleased to meet you Rutabaga. – Raul the Rutabaga. Surely you must have heard of me? – Are you famous? – So you haven’t heard
of Raul the Rutabaga? Or the Raul the Rutabaga’s
Designer Re-Used Fashion Barn? Or Raul the Rutabaga’s
Designer Re-Used Fashion Barn Outlet Center? – Is it some kind of
camp for portly children? – Yippie, yippie, well I suppose
the advantage is mine then if you are so unaware. These giant diapers, what
will you take for them? – At this point anything. – How about this hot dog danish? – [Joey Junior] What the heck? – Sold. – Yippie, yippie. I’ll just drag the whole
box away right now. (box scraping) – It’s a danish with a hot dog running
through the middle of it, a hot dog danish. – What the heck do we do
with a hot dog danish? – Hey man. – Oh, hello Hot Dog Danish. – You can call me Hot Dog Danish. – I just did. – What’s your name? – That’s Bubble Meows. – Bubble Bubble Meows. – You wanna play a fun game? – Sure, I like fun games. – Okay, now you have to listen real close to my instructions. First put me down on the lawn. – Okay Hot Dog Danish. – Okay. – Okay, Hot Dog Danish, now what? – Now take 10 steps back. Now, so long suckers. – Joey Junior, was this
a fun game for you? – Uh, I’ll have to think about that. – Now I’ve seen everything. – [Cave Woman] Me hungry. – Swibitty bibitty dumb
dumb, what am I going to do about this cave woman? – You could have fed her a hot dog danish. Remember the time you
had a hot dog danish? – Hot Dog Danish, you’re back. Are you all right? Hot Dog Danish? Oh no. – Leave him be, he’s a goner. – He is? – Are you a kitty cat? – Are you a squishy sea urchin? – I’m Bubble Bubble Meows. – Blubber Mouse? – Bubble Meows. – Plabba Peows? – Bubble Bubble Meows and who are you? – Are you a squishy sea urchin? – Squishy? – Squishy. – Squishy. – That’s my name. – So you are a sea urchin. – I am. – Squishy. – Squishy. – Squishy. – You look squishy. – Squishy. – You are Squishy. – Ow – What’s the matter? – I hurt my knees. – You did? – I did, I just fell
from the sky, cupcake. – How did that happen? – I was going for a ride on a firecracker and I hit something. Must of been this Dog Dog Danish. – Yes, he was floating way up in the air. – That’s ridiculous. Anyway, ow, my knees. Ow, I hurt my knees, my sides hurt, I’ve got amnesia. – Maybe I can help. – Ow. – Maybe I can try to– – Ow. – Maybe– – Ow, doll face can you spare an aspirin? – I have some ribbon candy,
is that like aspirin? – Not aspirin, I meant vitamin minunu. – Vitamin what? – Vitamin minunu. – I don’t know what that is. – It’s Vitamin minunu. – Minunu? – No, it’s called Vitamin minunu, it comes in a tube. It’s four feet wide and crinkly. – I have some ribbon candy. – You just don’t get it. Why don’t you help me inside and I’ll make some calls. I’ll make it all happen. It’s obvious you’re not going
to be of much help to me. – Okay, but honest I’m
a pretty helpful cat. – A fantastic story, moonbeam, which is probably mostly made up. Which makes it a fairy tale, which makes you a bragging,
glib, unreliable shlub. – [Joey Junior] I like this squishy. – Well I’ll just help you out and you’ll see that I’m
not any of those things that you called me. – Gentle jelly bean, my knees, ow. (funky horn music) – So what’s your story, Squishy? – Let me tell ya my story. I was born in a small town in Spain. And my mother was a goat. (upbeat instrumental music) ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ – A goat, ya don’t say? – What have you got to eat
around here, shoo shoo? – What would you like? – Turkey drumsticks. – I have some ribbon candy. – Sure. – So why were you riding on a firecracker? – Just looking for a good time. I lost my job at the factory. My pet iguana went to summer camp, my trailer melted. – Melted? – It was made of pistachio gelato. – And your iguana, what’s it called? – I don’t know, you know I never asked. – But you said it’s gone. – I guess I am, I only just
remembered I have amnesia. – So you were riding on a firecracker. – Seemed like a good idea. – Was it? – I can’t think of a better idea. – Tell us how we can help you. – I don’t know, I’m just
a simple sea urchin. I just want to be happy. – What makes you happy? – Pinatas. – Me too. – Well, then let’s make a pinata. – Really, you’d do that for me? – Sure Squishy, maybe it will
help you get out of your funk. And inspire you to do good things and stuff like that. – Thanks, cinnamon sticks and hey, I’ve got some stuff
I can fill the pinata with. – Oh yuck, it better
not be sea urchin gunk. (phone ringing) – Yes, this Bubble Bubble Meows, you wanna know where wild lettuce grows? You wanna put it on a map? – Paul this fashion season is just going to be fabulous lunacy. People will wear the darnedest of things. That’s why I hired you
as my seasonal help. – I love odd jobs. – There’s nothing odd about it. This is a high-end fashion boutique. We cater to the most
sophisticated clientele, we source singular artifacts
for adaptive re-use in haute couture and high-brow fashion. – So you need my help to resell the junk you buy at yard sales? – Not just to resell, re-brand, re-spin, re-attractify. – You want me to put
price stickers on them? Can I use the price-sticker gun? – You need to find a way to
repurpose these giant diapers so that when our wealthy
and gullible customers come in here they’ll find themselves just having to own one of these gems. – Wait, how do I do
that, Raul the Rutabaga? – Be a creative genius or just be creative. – Okay, I’ll do that. Giant diapers, giant diapers. (bell ringing) – Excuse me, do you have any of those tiny plastic belly-button rings that everyone’s wearing now? What is that? – I’m gonna put a price sticker on it. – That’s the most amazing
thing I’ve ever seen. – I like to use the price sticker gun. – Nobody else is wearing that yet. I simply must have it,
I must be the first. How much? – $50, $100, $ 200? – A dollar? – Sold. (cash register ringing) Worth every penny. – Paul, I did it, I did it. I re-branded the giant diaper
as a high-end fashion item and we sold them for a dollar. I like to use the price sticker gun. – You fool, nothing in fashion
sells for only a dollar, you have to mark things up. Inflate them past the point
of ludicrous ludicrousness. – But if the price is too high no one will buy it. – Just the opposite, if the price is too high, people will think it’s very, very valuable and at that point they’ll
pay anything for it. – Oh, I think I get it. – I don’t think you do at all. You’re fired, Paul. – Oh no, my big break into
the world of fashion, ruined. – Did you just see what I just saw? – It looked like an octopus with a giant diaper on it’s head. – I want a giant diaper for my head. – And I as well. – Excuse me, is this the shop that sells those delicious
giant diaper hats? – Yes, it is. – Are they very expensive? – Yes, very. – Oh goodie, that means there very chic. – And designer. – And yummy. – Yeah, I guess so. They’re probably $800. – What a steal. – What a wicked good steal. – Great let’s all put on our blindfolds. (upbeat instrumental music) – Paper towel tongue. – Okay Squishy you go first. – Oh, terrific, buttercup. Oh. (stick banging) Did I do it? Did it break? – I don’t know, I’m wearing a blindfold. – My turn. (stick swinging) Is there even a pinata in the room? – I thought there was. (smack) I got it. – Ow, what happened? – Did I break open the pinata? – Did you do it? – I don’t know, I’m still
wearing a blindfold. – Try again, crumpet, maybe harder. (smack) (pinata tearing) (crash) – Did I do it? – Ow, what happened? – Cuckoo buckoo. – Buckoo, huh huh? – Money, I love jumping
into piles of money. It’s a great exfoliant. (paper crunching) – Joey Junior don’t eat the money. – I need to exfoliate my mouth. – Squishy, you filled
the pinata with money? – Money, oh is that what it is? I thought they were
coupons for granola bars. – But where did you get all this money? – Beats me, patootiekins. Remember I’ve got amnesia. – Bubble Meows are we rich? – It’s Squishy’s money Joey Junior. – You can keep it, doodlebug. As a reward for making me
so happy with the pinata. – Are you sure Squishy? It’s a lot of money. – Money can’t buy things. – Actually that’s what money can do, jeepers, what are we going
to do with all this money? – The experienced and sage would advise us to purchase tiered certificates of deposit and also diversify into aggressive and heavy dividend yielding stocks. Or we could blow it all
on a swanky vacation. – Did someone say swanky vacation? I would love a swanky vacation. – I guess that would
be a neat thing to do. – Well, dumpling, I happen
to have a world map, let’s just close our eyes and
where ever we put our fingers that’s where we’ll go. – I don’t have fingers, but okay. – One, two, three. – Oh, the middle of the ocean, that could be a swanky vacation. I wonder what’s there? – Salt water and seaweed. – Ah, cool. – There’s more to the middle
of the ocean than that. Don’t you people know
about deserted islands? Archipalagios? – I’ve heard of salt water and seaweed. – You need to experience
the tropical life. Fresh coconuts, sand castles,
volley ball tournaments. – Well I don’t like salt water, and I don’t like seaweed, pookie ears, let’s just go to Puerto Vallarta,
they have mango orchards. – Let’s have a think on it, for now we’ve got to feed that cave woman. I plum forgot, she must be starving. – I can’t believe you’re
seriously doing that. – But she’s hungry. – I’m hungry. – So eat something. – Okay, I just might. (paper crunching) – Stop that, let’s just
go play a hippy-dippy game out on the lawn and get
along like good friends. – Fine. (funky horn music) – [Cave Woman] Num, num, num, num, num. (upbeat instrumental music) – What is this hippy-dippy
game called anyway, poopsie-whoopsie? – It’s called
catchel-satchel, isn’t it fun? – Not really, we’re just tossing around the sad little bean sack. – Sad, what’s so sad about him? – His label says so. And he says so too. – I am sad. – Oh, get over it. (bus engine) – I’m gonna bet all my money. – And you lose. – Oh, oh no. (crickets chirping) (bus engine) – Brrr. (mellow instrumental music) – Bubble Meows, I’m
gonna pull my head off, could you please put on something else? – Oh and they’re such good dancers. (remote clicking) – Something nutty happened and in other news the latest
fashion craze has hit us. And Giant Underwear hats is the name. Everyone’s talking about what everyone is wearing on their heads. Giant underwear, giant underwear, giant underwear. Giant underwear. – Giant what? – Underwear, underwear. What a golden opportunity we missed. We could have been
richer than brownie mix. – Who knew the latest fashion craze would be to wear giant
underwear on your head? – I don’t know who knew, sparkles. I have amnesia. (funky horn music) – Time to feed the cave woman. – Nice knowing you, cake. – [Cave Woman] Num,
num, num, num, num, num. Num, num, num, num, num, num. – Whoa, look at that avocado. – Sure looks stylishy to me. – I wish I understood fashion. – There’s nothing to
understand, binky-boo. It’s all about feeling. – Feeling conceited? – Feeling modern, feeling confident. – Goo goo, ga ga. – Feeling young. – Goo go, guck. – Did that walrus just spit up on himself? – With youthful, modern confidence. – That’s weird. – Goo go ga ga. – And the way they’re talking, all these hip new words. It seems so exclusive. – Goo go ga ga. Blah. – I hate seeing a grown raccoon cry. – How strange, everyone
wearing those giant diapers is acting similar. – You mean to say there’s
some sort of trend, where a group of people dress and talk in a way that differentiates
them from everyone else? Yet that very differentation
defeats itself and becomes more common? – I mean to say that everyone
who’s wearing a diaper is acting like a baby. – A splendid coincidence isn’t it? – Goo go ga ga. Blah. Ah, wah. – Oh man, something new and
dim sum dumb dumb is going on. – Is it fashion? – This isn’t what fashion is about and I should know. – I thought you had amnesia? – Fashion sense transcends amnesia. – It does? – What does? – Maybe the giant diapers make
everyone feel young again? So young that they act like babies? – Bubble Meows, use your head. It’s the warning label
from the giant diaper box, regressive fugue state, remember? – Oh yeah, the regressive fugue state. The one that makes everyone comfortable. – Not just comfortable, but babies. The giant diapers are making everyone act like babies. – Oh no. – I really thought I
was witnessing the birth of a new movement. – What should we do? – Blah. – Obviously we need to go to Ethiopia to the giant diaper processing
plant to get answers. – Wait, you weren’t even in the scene where we opened the
box and read the label. – Let’s just assume you told me about it sometime between then and now. – Excellent work around. – Ethiopia, I guess that’s a good idea. – I’m just gonna take a moment here and point out that the simplest solution would be to take the giant
diapers off their heads. Now you the audience
remember that I said this at the start of the
second act of the movie. I just want credit where credit’s due, though for the sake of conflict and drama I will go along with the story. – Now to get to Ethiopia I’m assuming you all don’t have passports? No matter, I know a sneaky
way to get us there. Can you get us to the waterfront? – Sure, we could take my new car. – Part of your car just fell on me. – Yes, it’s a fig car. – Well, part of it just fell on me. – A fig car, can’t we just take a taxi? A taxi not made from food stuffs? (upbeat instrumental music) – You got any twos? – Go fish. – I don’t want to go fish, you go fish. – Oh go eat a ham sandwich. (upbeat instrumental music) ♫ It’s a world of babies ♫ It’s a babies world ♫ It’s a world of babies ♫ It’s a babies world ♫ Baby potatoes ♫ Baby sunglasses ♫ Baby teacups ♫ Baby bushkas ♫ Baby staplers ♫ Baby earplugs ♫ Baby pencils ♫ Baby cardboard ♫ Baby hairnets ♫ Baby golf clubs ♫ Baby leather hats ♫ Baby travel sewing kits ♫ Baby tarantulas ♫ Baby triptashrumps ♫ Baby earwigs ♫ Baby plate tectonics ♫ (upbeat instrumental music) – Hi Snow Pea, that’s my friend Snow Pea. – Hi, Bubble Meows. Hey everybody, here I am. A tertiary character. But I got a lot of character, so you better enjoy my character, cause this is my only scene until Bubble Bubble Meows Part Three. (boat horn) – Business sure is slow today. – Maybe if we didn’t have such
a terminally misspelled sign we could actually get some bizness. – Oh good, here comes some bizness now. – Don’t mention the cashew
epidemic on the boat, it might freak them out a little. – Do you mean all those
creepy and strange cashews all over the boat? – Yes, I’m talking about the
strange and creepy cashews all over the boat. The cashew epidemic, what
else would I be talking about? – Got ya. Boat rides, get your
red-hot boat rides, here. No cashew epidemic in sight. – Some bananas can’t be trained. – We’d like a boat ride, please? – Sure thing, where
would you like to travel? – The Federal Democratic
Republic of Ethiopia. – That’s a beautiful choice, my favorite place to visit by boat. Even though it’s landlocked. – Please proceed to the boat. Just as long as you
aren’t terrified senseless by unnaturally large,
two-legged, autonomous, scary, salted seeds. – I don’t think we are. – Then all aboard. And you might consider
taking this air freshener which happens to resemble phigalicide, it smells like fresh peaches. – Why thank you, I like boats. – How many cans of cashew
spray do we have left? – 300 or so. – Only 300? I hope it’ll be enough. (boat horn) – I wonder how long it
will take us to get there? – At least an hour. Ah, I feel seasick already. – Come and join me and
Squishy at the lunch buffet. – You’ve got to be joking, the last thing I want is an
all-you-can-barf opportunity. This just isn’t my scene. – Suit yourself, I like boats. – Got to do something to keep
my mind off this rocking boat. Hm, maybe I can fix the robot,
Bubble Meows tried to build? That would be a nice gesture
of goodwill and camaraderie from me to him. Hm, nothing like a failed experiment to tell you what a total
nincompoop you are. I can’t fix this, it’s unfixable. But maybe I can do something that is mean-spirited,
disrespectful and clever? (drill whirring) And the piece of resistance, (saw grinding) that is one handsome robot. Don’t get cocky Mister. – Oh, good coin of phrase, cat piano. – Cat piano? Hm, pretty snarky, it looks like you might
just be a pretty funny prank to play on Bubble Meows. I’ll wait for the right moment, then replace me with you and
watch the hilarity ensue. – How is that hilarity, cat piano? – It just is, a classic switcharoo. Who’s on first razzle-dazzle, shell game. – Is that a fact, cat piano? – Eh, the cat piano bit’s
getting kind of old. You might want to mix up
your routine a little. – Not a very big spread is it? – Buffets are all about
quality, montressor. – Why it’s a pea buffet. – Oh, I like pea. – You like pea? – Yes, one pea. – One pea? – Yes, I met a pea once
who’s name was Beauregard. It means pastrami sandwich in Latin. – Oh. – Come to think of it, Beauregard wasn’t a pea at all. He was a glob of glucose that
appeared under the railing of a banister. – Is that so? – I guess so, but I can’t
recall with my amnesia. – Well I hope you like to eat peas cause that’s all there is. – There’s more than that. There should be some pea juice underneath all the peas. Anyway I’m starving so right now I love to eat peas. – So do I, except they
do smell kinda funny, kinda like clay and pet
stores and bird’s nests. Why are peas like that? – I know why, I know why, I studied this in school. Four whole years studying
this exact thing. Just so I could explain
it to you at this moment. (upbeat instrumental music) ♫ A pea is a miracle seed ♫ And very wrinkly ♫ Like the morning’s bed sheets ♫ A pea isn’t smooth like a beat ♫ It isn’t smooth like a parakeet ♫ It isn’t smooth like bare-feet ♫ Peas are the way they are ♫ Cause my mother told me so ♫ My mother told me so ♫ My mother told me so ♫ And ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ – Oh so that’s why peas
are the way they are. – Rubbish. – What a waste of time,
nobody wants any peas. – Maybe we should diversify, you know try offering something
else in addition to peas? – Whatever for? What else would people want besides peas? And the pea juice that’s underneath? – Cocktail wieners. – Cocktail wieners, are you nuts? Do you have any idea what
those things are made of? – Ground up bigger wieners? – Well okay, probably. But what are the bigger wieners made from? – Even bigger wieners. – And what are they made from? What are the ingredients? – Good stuff, sunflower
seeds, tempeh, quinoa. – Quinoa? Oh brother, have you ever
seen that documentary about sausage production? – The one with the dog? – The one with the dog? – The dog that goes for help when the little boy falls down the well. – I think that’s a different movie. – But the well is actually a sausage maker and the little boy, well, he– – Gets turned into sausage? – No, the dog comes back and pulls him out just in time. – Oh, thank goodness. – But then the dog falls
into the sausage maker. – And then gets turned into a sausage? – No, then a sausage appears and pulls the dog to safety. But then– – Oh no. – Then the sausage gets pulled
into the sausage machine. And gets turned into a sausage. – The sausage gets turned into a sausage? – The sausage gets turned into a sausage. – Oh, that’s disgusting. – But he has googly eyes
and a bubbly personality. Even he’s able to use
rudimentary math skills and assist people with their taxes. – Oh stop it. – And he puts on a hot dog bun costume, which is kinda silly, isn’t it? And eventually wins first place at some swim meet and gets
his team in the Olympics. And eventually lands a recording contract and becomes a dysfunctional
country western star. – Stop it, you’re making all this up. – I saw it on the news. The little boy was there
cheering on with his dog for the sausage who became a sausage. And who had on the hot dog bun costume. There were cheerleaders and every thing. – Anyway, we’re not gonna
diversify into cocktail wieners. – Well, do you have a better idea? – Yes, I do. What about tiny fruit pies? Super tiny fruit pies the size of a penny? – Tiny fruit pies? Tiny fruit pies, hey I like that. Tiny fruit pies. – And you know what we’d put in em? – Cocktail wieners? – Beef. – Beef, fruit pies with beef? – Fruit pies with beef. – Hm, fruit pies with beef. – Tiny fruit pies with beef. – The size of a penny. – Fantastic idea. – [Together] Fruit pies with beef. – Fruit pies with beef? – Hm, that sounds good. A fruit pie with beef. – A fruit pie with beef? – Okay, now repeat after me. Your kaboppy is so fat. – Your kaboppy is so very fat. – Excellent, you’re half-way
to becoming a comic genius. What, what is it? Are you trying to tell me something? Are we doing charades? Do you want me to pull your finger? – Behind you cat piano! – What? Oh, this your idea of a joke? No, no, no, you’ve got it all wrong. First you make me turn around, then when I turn back around you need a pie or something
to shove in my face. – Giant cashew, cat piano. – Or a giant cashew, that
would work just as well, but the classic format is pie. – You cat piano, look up. – Oh hello. – Hello. (pie smacking) – Oh man. (splat) (screaming) – Quick, hide in here, cat piano. – There’s only room for
one of us, kaboppy breath. – I’ll find someplace
else to hide, cat piano. (funky instrumental music) – What a nice replica robot he is. Of course there are more
giant cashews in there and with cans of whipped cream. Blast, it’s shaving
cream, not whipped cream. I shoulda seen that
gag coming a mile away. Awgh. – I don’t mind that the buffet is limited and I don’t mind that
there are only peas to eat but do they have to be frozen peas? – Oh, totally, dimples,
they’re much easier to eat. Watch. (slurp) (crunching) Oh, but they’re so cold,
they’re frozen in my mouth. – Joey Junior are you hungry for peas? – No thanks, I just think I’ll
hang out here with you guys. I happen to prefer your company
to that of giant cashews. – That’s nice of you to say. Are there giant cashews on this boat? – Yes, yes there are. – Ah, but we’ve got this
can of cashew spray here. – But they have cans of shaving cream. – Don’t come any closer giant cashews, we’ve got this spray. Take that. (splat) – It smells like fresh peaches. – Achoo. – Gesundheit. Oh no, those giant cashews have balloons. – That’s a bad thing? – I’m feeling tired, I’m
going back to the cabin. – Also I am tired. – Me also. (funky instrumental music) – This is pretty comfy
once you get used to it. – Better than the top of the bed. – I like boats. – Boats are fun. – Hurry for boats. (water splashing) (boat horn blowing) – Fresh air, we spent five
days underneath that bed. – Five days smelling your stinky feet. – At least those cashews
didn’t come back, sea star. – I think Bubble Meows feet
emit natural anti-cashew vapors. – Well of course I’m going to smell, all I’ve had to eat all week are peas. – I like how you blame
teeny, tiny vegetables. It’s a unique style. – It sure is hot here. It’s so hot even the
soft pretzels are melted. – Before you ask, yes I am a fish lice. – What’s a fish lice? – Oh about three pounds. – Huh? – About three pounds. Oh no wait, that’s what a hen weighs. – What’s a fish lice weigh? – Shame on you for asking. Nonetheless I wish to
offer you my services as translator and guide. Where would you like to go? The hubcap mausoleum? The onion ring barrio? The pinata memorial? – Pinata memorial, hot diggity. – Can you take us to
the giant diaper plant? – Oh, you’re not one of those
diaper conservationists, are you? – No, I don’t think so. – What’s a diaper conservationist? Some one who saves diapers? – No little marshmallow. – I’m a robot, not a marshmallow. – Diaper conservationists are
extreme sports enthusiasts who refuse to believe that
diapers are necessary. – But that’s silly, lots
of people need diapers. I mean babies. – The elderly. – The accident prone. – Well because the diaper conservationists are extreme sports enthusiasts they’ve developed a bloated
sense of confidence. So much so that they believe
they have achieved TBC. – T, B, C? – Total bladder control. They can last a whole
year before going potty. I mean check it out. – Imagine that. – Naturally, the giant diaper plant owner is very wary about people
who don’t like diapers. – You have nothing to worry
about, we love diapers. – Love em. – I’m not against them per se. – Oh what the hey, I’ll
just take your word for it. Everybody hop on my back
and I’ll take you there. – Oh my. – Uck, what smells? – The cat, his feet smell like peas. – Yucko. – Said the fish lice. – Hold on tight. (bloop) – You can fly. – Sure can, I’ll get you
there, no hassles at all. – It’ll sure save us the hassle of having to animate
anything to between here and the giant diaper plant. (bloop) (bloop) – The sun is killing me. What do you think this thing is on me? A mole, a sunspot? – Relax, it’s just a beauty mark. Ironic ain’t it? – It’s not a mole, it’s
probably a shell fish parasite that jumped from me to you. – You’re carrying parasites? – Not anymore. (soft instrumental music) – It sure is quiet around here. – Diapers are generally quiet. – They’re natures mufflers. – Hi, I’m S-2004-N1, I’m in charge of this giant diaper plant and will lead you on your tour. Here’s a souvenir. – What’s that, little lentil? – It’s a cardboard sign
that says, “Martha smells.” – What does this have to
do with giant diapers? – Nothing at all, I made it. It’s folk art. – You look familiar to me. – Hm, do you ever go square dancing? – Not a lot. – Maybe we met at a square dance-a-thon? – I don’t really go square dancing. I think I sang about you once. – Maybe that’s why you
look so familiar to me. – I look familiar to you? I thought that I said that
you look familiar to me? – I do? Have we danced before, at
the square dance-a-thon? – Probably not. – I have no idea who you are. – I’m Bubble Bubble Meows. – Great. – We’re hoping to get some answers about giant diapers. – I’ll answer any questions you have except those pertaining to giant diapers. – Why are you so round? – Yes, I’ll take a question
from the sea urchin. – Yes, hello, why are
you so round, bundt cake? – Is this a question about giant diapers? – Can I kick this kaboppy? – Yes. – No kicking or hitting in the plant. It is rule number one. – Why are you so round? – Great question. I am the planet Neptune’s smallest moon. – You’re a moon? – I am a moon, managing
this giant diaper plant was just a silly little dream I had. I thought no one in space would notice if I just left the outer solar system and came here to study
macroeconomics and diaper mechanics. And now look at me, well, look at me. – Why are you so round? – Why are your giant diapers causing everyone who
wears them on their head to talk and act like babies? – Oh no, are you an
extreme sports enthusiast? – No, I’m Bubble Bubble Meows. – You look familiar to me. – I go square dancing all the time and I’ve never seen either of you. – We’re not diaper conservationists, we just want answers. Everyone back home has
turned into big babies because they’ve been wearing the giant diapers on their heads. – Why are they wearing
them on their heads? – It’s fashion. – So now they’re all speaking in some kind of lame-o, baby jib? – Exactly. – Just like all the workers in my plant. – So that’s why it’s so quiet around here. Your workers turned into big babies too? – They did and I just don’t know why. – So there’s nothing
you can do to help us? – I could give you a bay leaf. – Did you get detention a lot
when you were home schooled? – So yes on the bay leaf? – That would be amazing but not today. We have to get back home and solve this strange problem of everyone wearing giant diapers and acting like babies. – Suit yourself, but I’ll bet if you just
wait it out a few days everyone will turn back to
normal, that’s what I did. – And things worked out? – Thank you for your questions,
I hope you enjoyed the tour. I’m outa here. (bloop) – So many floating characters. – What’s the plan now? – Back to the boat, back to home. – We’re giving up so easily? – Bubble Meows doesn’t know the meaning of the words give up, because I ate those
dictionary pages as well. – You like eating book pages too, that’s my favorite extreme sport. – It’s not that extreme is it? – Extreme sport, does that mean you’re an extreme sports enthusiast? – I am. – And does that mean you’re
a diaper conservationist? – It does. – Does that mean you’re going to knock the
giant diaper plant over? – It does, diaper
conservationists rejoice, the threat of giant diapers
is about to be no more. (upbeat piano music) (tree crashing) – Oh, cuckoo buckoo, how unexpected. – I was going to say that. – This trip is a bust. Let’s bail. – We shoulda just spent the
day eating peas at the buffet. – Squishy you smell, you smell like peas. – Oh goodie, nothing
like smelling like peas. – You’re a pea smelling kaboppy. (soft instrumental music) (water splashing) – As long as I keep eating
peas my feet will smell. And the cashews will leave us alone. – That Squishy though, he doesn’t need to keep eating peas, but he keeps eating peas,
all the peas he can muster. I can’t believe he ate them all. I can’t believe he ate all those peas. – I can’t believe it,
I ate all those peas. – This is very exciting and all but I’m going back to the room to finish whistling my song. – What song? – My whistling song. (whistle) – That’s not much of a song. Squishy we’ve got to get you cleaned up. – Wait, wait, I just
want one more helping, one more helping of peas. – But you’re practically
incapacitated from eating peas. – I know but it’s a buffet, we’ve got to make the most of it. – Oh, look who’s running my way. It’s that replica robot,
he must of missed me. Who wouldn’t miss me? I miss me. (footsteps running) – Cat’s piano, look out! – Huh, oh criminy. (footsteps running) Ahh! (splash) Whoa, robot overboard. All though I am miffed
to have been cast adrift on an expansive and treacherous ocean I now longer have to endure giant cashews, Bubble Meows stinky feet or a buffet consisting only of peas. – Oh, oh. – Sea urchins should never be allowed to eat a buffet of peas. Hey, Joey Junior, can you
help me take care of Squishy? – Oh, this must be the part where I pretend to be Joey Junior. Why sure, I can help, cat piano. – Cat piano? Uh, thanks. Say your arms look different. – Yeah, I had an accident while
putting on some deodorant. – Joey Junior, I’m sorry I
didn’t like your whistling song, it was just un-listenable. You’re a very good dancer though and you have a nice chin. – Hey no problemo, cat piano. You’re still my friend. – Why, oh. I was expecting a more
sullen and moody reaction. You’re always full of vitriol but thanks, thanks a lot. – You’re kaboppy is so very fat. – What about my kaboppy? – You’re kaboppy is somewhat big-boned. – I don’t have a kaboppy. – I don’t know the rest. – The rest of what? – I can watch over this sea urchin if you have some sort of
hobby or personal interest that you would like to participate
in right now, cat piano. – Cat piano, ah, sure. I’ll go practice my triangle. (triangle dinging) Joey Junior sure got nice all of a sudden. Must be some kind of reverse cabin fever. – When is Joey Junior coming back and why does everyone smell like peas? – Eh, hope springs eternal leaks. (boat horn blowing) – I hope I never see another
pea buffet as long as I live. I will say though, it was kind of nice not hearing
barbed retorts from you. – Your kaboppy has such glandular issues. – What? – Oh, just forget it, cat piano. Where did Joey Junior disappear to? (whistle) – Mail for you, me
accidentally open birthday card and birthday gift, wooden rocking horse. Me break it accidentally. – Oh. – Me hungry. – Okay, okay. I’ll be right back with something. – Goo goo ga ga. Blah. – Oh no. (funky horn music) – Whoa, what’s that? Come on Martha Stinks, we can make it. (water splashing) – Well any suggestions on how we can everyone to
stop talking like babies? – Mass spankings. – Joey Junior, what about you? – Uh, I, you want a suggestion from me, cat piano? – Sure, you’re always full of good ideas. – Uh, I, how about go to
the source of the problem? – I guess we can try and
talk Raul the Rutabaga from selling anymore giant diapers. That might work, great idea, Joey Junior. – Uh, yeah, I know. (crash) – I’ve got shore leave,
who wants to Watusi? Hopefully this is Majorca
and not Papua New Guinea. – Who dares invade our
graham cracker island? – I’m a wet cardboard salesman, would you like to buy some wet cardboard? – Oh tee hee hee, what a witty retort. You must be some high-brow comic whom fate has decided to cast upon us. I am the chief of the
graham cracker tribe. You will be my jester
and entertain my tribe. – So, no sale? – Oh, tee hee hee, oh tee hee hee, witty, silly, slap-stick farce. A graham cracker’s dream,
come out my friends. – Wow, you guys are all crackers. – We’re all crackers. Let me explain. – Oh no you don’t. I prefer this song to make fun of you, than to detail the history of
how you came to this island and what your significance is. ♫ Well now just look at you ♫ You guys are crackers ♫ You got crackers on the yield side ♫ You got crackers on the sand ♫ You got crackers on the shiv ♫ You got crackers on
that baby crackers ball ♫ Baby cracker twine ♫ Man, you’re on the beach ♫ And no one’s wearing flip flops ♫ No one here has a surf board ♫ No one here has a beach ball ♫ No one here has sunscreen ♫ Or a cooler or big towels ♫ Are you afraid of the beach ♫ Are you afraid that people might see you ♫ And assume that living on an island ♫ Means that you are beach bums ♫ What’s wrong with beach bums ♫ What’s wrong with long-boarding ♫ Volleyball or Capri pants ♫ You should embrace it ♫ Embrace your inner loafer ♫ Most people would give an arm ♫ To throw a Frisbee here ♫ Unless they had a Frisbee phobia ♫ – What a unique and insightful perspective you’ve shared with us. I do believe we will change our ways of domesticating animals and cultivating the more
fertile parts of our island and instead just party on the beach. – That’s the ticket. – Okay gang, remember the plan. I’ll ask nicely for the Rutabaga to stop selling giant diapers. – And I’ll look sweet and handsome. – And Joey Junior, maybe it’s
best for you to keep quiet. We’ll have a better chance of success if we don’t offend anyone, hm. – Okay now let’s get
the utmost necessities taken care of. First you need a cooler. Anyone, a cooler? Cooler? – We don’t know what that is. – You don’t, what? A cooler, anyone living on
the beach needs a cooler. – Is it something made of foam? – Bingo, bongo. – Cooler? – No, no, no, that’s a cup. Cup. – Cup. – A cooler’s gonna have
to be bigger than that. You know what, never mind this. Tell me what you do have and we’ll make it work. – We have sand and crackers. – Sand and crackers, yeah, okay. Can you slap the two together
and fill them with ice? – Will these reusable cold packs work? – Yes, I think they will. – And then what do we do? – Then we fill up the cooler
with refreshing beverages. – Ah. – And personal sized cups of fruit salad. – Ah. – And frozen treats. – Frozen what? – Frozen treats, you know, fudge bars, pops, ice cream sandwiches. – But we don’t have any. – I don’t care what you don’t have. Just make it happen, figure it out. – Okay. – And let’s get some music in here. – You got any musicians? – We have a royal graham
cracker barbershop quartet. – Meh, give them all some marimbas and tell them to start practicing. – Marambas? – Figure it out and get a
kettle drum while you’re at it. – Okay, anything else? – Yeah, as a matter of fact. You know how to make a pinata? (doorbell ringing) – Paul, what are you doing here? – I’m branch manager now. – Paul is my top salesman. – Congratulations, Paul. – What is that marshmallow thing? Is it a handbag? – It’s my friend, Joey Junior. – Hi there, cat piano. – Raul the Rutabaga. – Raul the Rutabaga, are you aware that the giant diapers you’re selling have caused anyone who wears
one to turn into a baby? – First of all they’re
fashionable headwear, they’re not giant diapers. – Not giant diapers? Sure they are, don’t you
remember buying them from me? – They are not giant diapers. – But they are. – Look at me. Okay now that that’s settled get out of my shop. – But you have to stop
selling these things. – Why should I, I’m making a killing? – But if everyone turns into a baby then what? – I don’t know, then what? – Well babies don’t buy things, so if everyone’s a baby, you won’t be able to make
anymore money, winkie chin. – What a silly argument. Of course babies buy
things, hello, baby clothes? Baby toys, who do you
think buys that stuff? Why are you so paranoid about this fabulous fashion accessory that I’ve dared to promote exclusively on the cutting edge. An edge so cutting you’d
need an adhesive bandage and a little bit of
anti-bacterial ointment. You’re just jealous that I’m going to become a kazillionaire from selling this junk. Here watch me wear this
fashionable headpiece. Watch me and weep. – Is it okay if I don’t weep. – You’re just a bunch of sour grapes, with sour grape frowny, frowns. Frowny frowns with soury, grapy faces. You’re just a bunch of babies, goo goo ga ga. – He’s starting to hurt
my feelings after all. (sniff sniff) Why did he have to do that? – Goo goo, ga ga. – He’s not usually this childish. – Ga ga, blah. – Oh no, Raul the Rutabaga
has turned into a baby. – (sniff sniff) This makes me feel better. – I feel better too, but it’s just one more
baby added to the problem. – I will take this opportunity to go all commando on you. – What are you doing? – Taking control of the situation. First step is to close the shop by force. – But how? – I have a plan, minty bucket. I don’t think we’ll find much resistance. – I won’t resist, I’m here to help. – Goo goo. (marimbas ringing) – Thank you for showing us all how to take advantage of beach life. – Remember there is only
one right way to live. Are you ready to head out, little flower? – Call me Lippy. – Onward Martha Smells. – Toodle loo, safe sailing. (water splashing) And don’t get wet. – Ah, this sure is nice. – Joey Junior? – Yes, Lippy? – Why did we leave the island? – I. – Hm? – I. – It’s okay, you can say it. – I miss my friends, okay. – Oh, you’re a softy. – Actually, you know what? We had it pretty good on that island, why the heck did we leave? – It’s okay to be a softy. (giggling) – Can it, kaboppy nose. – It’s pronounced chivoppy. – I coulda stayed on that beach for the rest of my natural life and sipped pina coladas at sunset, but I’m determined to help Bubble Meows stop everyone from wearing
giant diapers on their heads and acting like babies. – Sounds sweet, but now that I’m no longer
part of island life, I’m feeling somewhat disenfranchised. – Disen-what? – Disenfranchised. – Dishing french dressing? – Dis-en-franchised. – What does that mean? – It means not franchised. – Ha, ha, you have no idea what it means, you low IQ kaboppy. – I’m in Mensa and I have
a post-doc in hematology, chivoppy. – Ah, can it with the
highfalutin’ sullen act. You’re a tiny little flower. You’re supposed to be dandy. – But that would make
me a shallow character. – Oh, that’s deep. Deep, you get it? Deep, deep. – How was that a joke? – You know what? I’m not such a bad guy. I care about my fellow man, I’m sympathetic as well as
helpfully hypercritical. I’m a kind of renaissance man. – You like to go to those
reenactment festivals? – Heck no. – I go from time to time. I’ve made a lot of friends
there over the years. – Yuck, you won’t catch me
fantasizing about the plague. Or wiping my chicken grease
hands on the back of a dog. – You should try it, it’s very liberating. – My kind of dream is way
more classy than that, cause I’m a class act, you know? A class act. (mellow jazz music) ♫ Thank you very much ♫ Thank you very much you germy kaboppys ♫ This next one we threw together ♫ While touring a tent sale ♫ Deep in the jungles of Siberia ♫ It’s about a girl who has no ankles ♫ Down by the shores of Lake Titicaca ♫ I met a girl named Kooby Dooby Cha Cha ♫ She had no ankles ♫ Thank you very much ♫ Thank you very much ♫ You filthy little kaboppys ♫ Kooby Dooby Cha Cha ♫ Kooby Dooby Cha Cha ♫ – Wow, what a crummy dream. – Huh, how did you get in my dream? – I’m a sneaky devil. – You’re a sneaky devil? – I told you, I’m in Mensa. I can do things, powerful things. – Stay outa my head, flower. – I can’t help it. Your dream was so, interesting. – Dress passing kaboppy. – Boy, if this whole shebang
turns out just to be a dream I’ll be mighty disappointed. – Metaphysical kaboppy. – Metaphysical, eh? You’re the one singing
about ankle-less ladies. Kooby Dooby Cha Cha. – Oh, you’re just jealous cause no one asked you to
come on stage for a duet. – I didn’t even get to audition. Kooby Dooby Cha Cha. – Cut that out. – Kooby Dooby Cha Cha. (splash) – Well that was a quick oceanic excursion. Civilization. – It’s still a trade
down from island life. – You haven’t lived until
you’ve seen the big city. – My eye, I did four years
of residency at Brandeis, you think I’m green, don’t you? (mellow jazz music) Kooby Dooby Cha Cha. – Squishy, how much more
cutting do we have to do? – All of it. We’re gonna cut up all the diapers if it takes us all night. Glossy finish. – Will I get overtime? – We better get some dinner then. – Fine, call for a pizza or something. Just make sure you keep
cutting these things into the tiniest pieces
you can, fabric softener. – Okay, I’m just going to
call for a pizza first. (phone ringing) – Pizza, what? I can’t be delivered to you. Toppings, you’ve got the wrong number, I apologize but I have to hang up. – Maybe we should call for Mongolian BBQ? – Okay, dump truck,
don’t break down again. – Truck, truck, truck. – You sure you want to
hitch in a dump truck? – Sh. – Not very classy. – Are you headed to civilization? – Yep. – Can I hitch a ride? – I don’t know, it’s against regulations. – I can make myself useful. – You know how to fix dump trucks? – Fix trucks, when this guy sings, trucks fix themselves. Kooby Dooby Cha Cha. – Shush, yes, sure I
know how to fix ankles, sorry, I mean fix trucks. – All right, hop in. – Thanks. I hope nothing happens to this truck, I don’t know anything about fixing trucks. – I’m staying out of this, but I’ll enjoy watching you fall smack on your face. – Oh man, looks like
ants again for dinner. – This is pretty good stuff, tid bits. – How come you’re only eating peas? – I uh, peas are good for you. – Joey Junior, you sure are quiet. – Five more hours and we’ll be finished cutting up all these diapers. – And then what? – I can’t believe you
haven’t figured it out yet, chicken bock. It’s so obvious, all the cut up diapers, they’re gonna be stuffing for pinatas. – Pinatas. – Yes, it’s brilliant, I know, ramekin. – It’s a good idea, but Squishy, we don’t want to make anything else. We’re tired and just wanna go home. – But this is so exciting. I feel like I’m contributing to society. My mind is racing with ideas of other ways to turn harmful things into good and useful things. – Okay, like what. (soft instrumental music) ♫ I can make a watch from scrap metal ♫ I can make a hearing aid from a scarf ♫ I can make a wheel chair from a pretzel ♫ I can make a bandage from cat barf ♫ I can do all this ♫ And I can do all that ♫ I can do all this ♫ Because ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ My mother was a goat ♫ – Okay, okay, we get it, we get it. – Was his mother really a goat? – Yep, this sure beats sunsets
and swimming with dolphins. Kooby Dooby Cha Cha. – Sh. – All right, we’re into
the bonus round now. Let’s see whether or not you’re a – [Audience] Muffin. – [Voiceover] Whoo hoo. – Okay, the question is, what is doughnut plus doughnut? – [Voiceover] Woo hoo. – Doughnut plus doughnut? Audience shall we help ’em out? – [Audience] No. – [Voiceover] Whoo hoo. (buzzer) – And that’s time. Looks like you are after all a bonafide, – [Audience] Muffin! – Ha ha. – Muffin. – What did they expect, he’s a muffin, ha ha. (phone ringing) – Pizza. – Hey, can you come over? – Nah man, I’m tired. – Come on I need a pizza over
here on the double, he he. – I’m telling ya, I’m pooped. I’ve been driving all day without any bathroom breaks. – Are you watching TV? – Yes. – What you watchin? – Muffin. – Can I come over and watch it with you? – I got separate rooms for a reason, I need to get some shut eye. – Finally done, just
look at these suckers. Things of beauty. – Now what? – Let’s put ’em on display
and cross our fingers that this works, lizard slippers. – It’s that darn bean sack again. – Maybe you should just pick him up? – Yay, pizza, pizza, yay. – All right, hop in. – Yay. (engine sputtering) – Oh no, not again. Good thing I picked you up, Joey Junior. – Really, why? – You said you could
fix trucks didn’t you? (gulping) – Yep, sure did. – Oh boy, this is gonna be classic. – Don’t do it. – Do what? – Sing that annoying song. – I wouldn’t dare. (humming) – When in doubt try everything. – Moment of truth time, here goes nothing. (door lock clicking) – Wait, wait. – What is it Paul? – We need to price those pinatas. (price gun clicking) – $999? – Sure, it’s an old merchandising trick. $1 short of a bigger number
makes it seem like a steal. – Our time and labor are
worth way more than that, instant mashed potatoes. – Oh Squishy, let’s just focus
on the emergency at hand. (door bell ringing) – Goo goo ga ga. – All right, get your pinatas. Get your red-hot, fashionable,
over-priced pinatas. (cash register ringing) – Wow, I can’t believe people are actually buying these things. – I wonder what promotion
comes after branch manager? – You almost done there, Joey Junior? – Yep, just one more second. Maybe this’ll do it. (engine clunking) – Nothing can save you now, but bejusexmuchina. – Oh dear, what did I do? (engine revving) No way? – No way. – Behold the power of
Kooby Dooby Cha Cha . – Kooby Dooby Cha Cha. – All right, wicked good job. – All I had to do was
plug in that one thing that was unplugged,
engine repair is so easy. Mechanics are a scam. – Don’t take skilled labor for granted. (engine revving) – Squishy you did it. The pinatas are almost all sold out, we no longer have the looming
threat of giant diapers. – [Group] Goo goo ga ga. – Goo goo. – Except that everyone is
still acting like babies. (upbeat instrumental music) ♫ I’m a pizza in a dump truck ♫ I’m a pizza in a dump truck ♫ You’re a pizza in a dump truck ♫ I’m a pizza in a dump truck ♫ I’m a pizza in a dump truck ♫ You’re a pizza in a dump truck ♫ I’m a pizza in a dump truck ♫ I’m a pizza in a dump truck ♫ You’re a pizza in a dump truck ♫ You’re a pizza a piece of pizza ♫ In a stinky dump truck ♫ – Civilization and my friends. – Cat piano. – Jeepers, that robot looks and sounds just like Joey Junior, but he’s too chipper to be Joey Junior. – Chipper, you kitty
litter covered kaboppy, you can’t tell the difference between me and a ramshackle facsimile
that I crudely threw together? Look at the glasses. See how sloppily drawn on they are. – Ramshackle, ah. – Bean sack, you’re back. – Ah, it’s you. – Hey man. – Floating characters. – Take me out of this dead end scene. – Me too, cat piano, I want out too. – Falling characters. – Dang nabit! – Which Joey Junior is
the real Joey Junior? – Who cares? – Come on, if you can’t
tell the difference then you’re a banana shaped kaboppy. – I think I preferred the
crudely drawn Joey Junior. – Crudely drawn, ah. – It’s settled then, I’ll
dissemble this replica robot and sell the scrap pieces
in the Rutabaga’s shop. – Joey Junior, where have
you been this whole time? – Oh you know, riding the rails. What’s going on with the
giant diaper situation? – Well, Squishy thought
of this brilliant idea of turning all the unsold giant diapers into pinatas and it worked and there are no more leftover diapers. – But everyone still has
giant diapers on their heads and they’re talking like babies? – Yeah, I guess so. But the pinata idea, it was pretty great. – Yep a real humdinger, should I now reveal that all we have to do is remove the diapers
from everyone’s heads in order to get them to
stop acting like babies? Hello, audience? Should I do it or not? – We can’t hear the audience. Movies don’t work like that. – Sh, I’m playing with
the very fabric of cinema. (thunder crashing) – Cuckoo buckoo, sounds
like it’s going to rain. That was an acutely short rainstorm. – Crumbling kaboppys,
look at the giant diapers. – They’re melting. – They must be
biodegradable giant diapers. – I guess I forgot to mention that. – I wish we had known that sooner, we could have taken the giant diapers off everyone’s heads and
squirted them with squirt guns. – Or just have taken the
diapers off their heads. The level of leaky headed kaboppyness, it’s legendary. – As legendary as trading
life on a tropical island for a ride in a dump truck. – How funny, it looks
just like a giant pinata exploded all over town. – Except they’re wet bits of diaper. – Also funny. – Whoa, what happened? – Raul the Rutabaga is
cured of baby-talking. – Yippy, yippy. Baby-talking, was I baby-talking? – Yes, but luckily it rained
and melted all the diapers. – Oh no, my giant diapers. – But while you were under
the spell of the giant diaper we made pinatas out of
all the remaining diapers. – And we sold them for an 8,740% markup. – That’s the kind of news I like to hear. Paul, you’re promoted to
senior branch manager. – Senior, does that make me old? – Yep. – Come on little replica robot, I’ll teach you how to
be an ace salesperson. – Oh, joy of joys, I’ve always had a keen interest in retail. – We should have a parade finale. – A parade with a sing-a-long. – No, that’s the worst kind of finale. Just cut to black. – Koobie Doobie. ♫ Marching isn’t just
for talentless weirdos ♫ We can do it too ♫ We don’t need tall hats ♫ That look like square hairdos ♫ We can march in uncomfortable outfits ♫ All day too ♫ We can march down the street ♫ To the beat of our feet ♫ Except it’s also the
beat of the bass drum ♫ People we see they yell and they wave ♫ They wave to the cops to detain us ♫ Marching isn’t just
for talentless weirdos ♫ We can do it too ♫ Watch us march to
the beat of the symbols ♫ People will stare and
think that we’re simple ♫ But we just smile and
show off our dimples ♫ And march all day long ♫ To our tireless jingles ♫ I don’t have a horn ♫ But I have a spit valve ♫ I don’t have a spit valve ♫ But I have some spit ♫ Marching isn’t just
for talentless weirdos ♫ We can do it too ♫ Marching isn’t just
for talentless weirdos ♫ Unless of course
we’re talentless weirdos ♫ And if that’s the case ♫ That we’re talentless weirdos ♫ Then yes we can do it too ♫ – And me too, I can too. – And my mother was a goat. – Totally, insane bonkers world. What a finale. – Me hungry. You people are talentless weirdos. – But we’re not, we just did a march. – Case closed. (funky horn music) Oh, delightful maggot. (soft instrumental music) ♫ Oh ma nu ma nu ma nu ma nu ♫ Oh ma nu ma nu ma nu ma nu ♫ Oh ♫ – Sometimes when I’m alone at a cafe and having a decaf coffee I wonder and wonder to myself where do earlobes come from? Why don’t I have any? Or if I did where did they go? (soft instrumental music) ♫ Where are my earlobes ♫ Where the heck are my earlobes ♫ Where did they go ♫ Will they ever come back ♫ Are they mad at me ♫ Are they picking blueberries for me ♫ Do they have enough
quarters to do laundry ♫ Do they know how doorknobs work ♫ Do they know how to
make capital C in cursive ♫ Do they get confused on escalators ♫ Do they license on motions ♫ Do they clap when mime’s performed ♫ Do they think they’re
pals of potato chips ♫ Oh where, oh where ♫ Are my wonderful earlobes ♫ – Earlobes, get your red-hot
earlobes, cat pianos. – Say it with a British
accent, they’ll sell better. – Earlobes, I do say earlobes, cat pianos. – All right, we’re into the super, quadruple bonus round now. Let’s see whether you’re
indeed a bonafide, one of kajillion, hands
down, grade-A minus, – [Audience] Muffin! – Okay, the question is, what is brrr plus brrr. – [Voiceover] Whoo hoo! (buzzer) – Hm, Bubble Bubble Meows? – I’d like to trade for some punctuation or can I spin a prize wheel or something? – Audience? (audience babbling) You heard them, or you didn’t hear them. Makes no difference to me. – So what do I do now? – Answer the question, muddy kaboppy. – Yeah, muddy kaboppy. – You can’t copy my adjectives. – Cat piano kaboppy. – Better. – And we need an answer
in three, two, one. (buzzer) Times up, looks like you are a, – [Audience] Muffin! – But I’m not a muffin. – [Audience] Muffin! – [Voiceover] Whoo hoo! – Muffin. – Muffin. – Muffin. – Cat’s piano. – I’m not a muffin, I’m
not a muffin, I’m not. I’m not a muffin, I’m
not a muffin, I’m not. Oh, it was just a dream wasn’t it. But it seemed so real and you were there and you were there and you were there and you were there too. – Muffin. – Why are you all here now? – It’s creepy isn’t it? Us watching you sleep. – Get out of my room. – It’s only a dream. – Is it? – Nope. – Get out of my room. (mellow instrumental music)

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