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Blind Cat Wants To See His Mom | Animal in Crisis EP22

Blind Cat Wants To See His Mom | Animal in Crisis EP22

A mother cat stands in front of her child A kitten is behind the mother cat Something is on his eyes I guess a stray cat gave birth to kittens in here The kitten gets closer to his mom As his eyes are covered with the scab he can’t find his mom’s breast For the sick kitten We prepared food Unlike other kittens who starts to eat He only walks around the food The kitten lost his way Bumping everywhere His eyes are in serious condition Pus is oozing out of the scab He’s unable to see anything The mother cat calls him But he can’t figure where the sound comes from He tries to remove the scab By licking it hard Even though his mom is near He has no idea where she is if I go close to them, I’m afraid the mother cat will run away with her baby then it’s not good for kitten anyway The mother cat is very alert But.. The kitten’s eyes are full of thick cab and pus The kitten needs to be treated Experts are arrived to help the rescue The vet approaches very carefully Even to the vet who tries to help The mother cat maintains alert mode Vet: She is very alert We are here to help her kid But for her, we are just a strange invader To cause no harm to the kitten and for the nervous mother cat The expert prepared an aroma and a herb scent sitting cushion Aromatherapist: The flower scent will relieve her stres Her worries for her kid will go away The mother cat who always stay close to her kid Slowly comes out And relax At the moment she lowered the guard down The vet rescues the kitten How bad his eyes would be? 7 to 10 days after he was born, his eyes should have been opened But during a month with his eyes closed The sore oozes have been formed inside the eyelids caused by the infection The infection or the pus flow onto the outer clear cornea eventually keeps it melting down His eyes are infected, full of scabs Scab is peeled off and his eyelids show up The most part of the cornea is seriously damaged We’ll take him to the vet clinic ASAP to check its condition and decide whether the surgery is needed The kitten’s health is in serious condition He is sent to the vet clinic for the treatment As soon as the kitten is missing The mother cat gets anxious Wanders around the house for a while Tries to find the kitten The kitten arrives at the clinic Is it possible to cure him? Eliminate the pus inside his eyelids He goes under a thorough medical check His eyes are opaque as all layers of eyes have degenerated likely to caused keratorrhexis Rather than removing his eyes completely I recommend treating to regenerate the cornea Luckily, his eyes can be cured! Vet : Stray cats carry virus diseases from the street Probably the kittens have got affected by the internal virus from their mom The kitten will stay in the clinic for a while and be treated with drug medication A few days later The informant is busy doing sth Since the sick kitten was gone the mother cat has hide with her kids Today, I will bring the kitten from the hospital After he’s back, he has to live here But this place is too dirty with lots of dust So I’m going to clean it up While cats are having food for the mother cat and kittens people make a new house for them Cozily decorated house for the cat family I’m glad that it’s so clean and neat now I want to take the kitten back soon The mother cat still seeks for her missing kid How the kitten now? The kitten had drug treatment for a while He managed to open his eyes He got so much better His eyes appear! His eyes are opened It’s nice to see that he is actually seeing me Because I always saw him looking down For the kitten, the world was dark and suffocating But this tiny kitten went through it so well You are so cute Is he cute? The kitten is recovering slowly He starts to react to the light His eyeballs are slowly getting in shape With a steady treatment, his eyesight will be recovered Can he go home? Yes he can During the rest of the treatment period the informant will take care of him The reunion of the mother cat and the kitten is left As the cage door is opened The kitten comes out The mother cat reacts to the kitten The world looks blurry to him With his blurry eyesight though The kitten find his way to mom The mother cat is reunited with the kitten Looks after him carefully As seeing her kid healthy The mother cat is relieved Informant : I will take care a lot and feed them well Hope the kitten gets better Live together with our family The kitten who couldn’t see the light not even once in his life now sees the light of hope Wish he sees the world more clearly~

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