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Big Cats Share a Meal | Jaguar Beach Battle

Big Cats Share a Meal | Jaguar Beach Battle

HOST: First, there’s the
famous sea turtle, Arribada. That’s Spanish for arrival. On just a few special
nights, tens of thousands of Olive Ridley sea turtles
come ashore to lay their eggs. And then there’s the jaguars. They come out of the forest
to prey on the sea turtles. These big cats are
extremely elusive and avoid humans at all costs. So I decided to set up trap
cameras throughout Nancite. I have these all
over the woods just to be able to see
jaguars doing things that people haven’t
seen jaguars do before. And what I got blew me away. This beautiful cat
is named Amanda. She’s the first jaguar I’ve
ever documented feeding on a turtle out in Nancite. This is a unique predator-prey
relationship happening on a beach around two miles long. But if I’m going
to tell this story, I need the help
of a local expert. I team up with a biologists
named Luis Fonseca who’s been studying the relationship
between sea turtles and jaguars out in Nancite. He spots something even more
unusual on our camera traps. LUIS: Two different
and puma come to eat– to the sea turtle. Two different males puma. This time around from the
footage that we captured? Yeah, yeah. Hold on. So you’re saying that– just so I can wrap
my brain around this. That a jaguar killed and
then two separate pumas came back on it? So you’ve got two different
species of big cats. Three different big
cats on one kill. Is that normal? No, but in Nancite it is
possible I’m recording in– Nancite is not normal. So I guess that makes sense. HOST (VOICEOVER): It’s wild to
think that in the span of 12 hours a jaguar and two
pumas fed on one sea turtle. But that’s the kind
of place this is. Adding to Nancite’s mystique are
some legendary personalities.

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