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Big Cat Feeding Time In VR180 3D!

Big Cat Feeding Time In VR180 3D!

Hey everyone! Afton here! Welcome to Big Cat Rescue’s food prep! This is the building where all the diets are made for the Big Cats so let’s go have a look inside! Big Cat’s are carnivores and need a strict all raw meat diet. Inside this cooler is where we thaw hundreds of pounds of raw meat to make their diets. The Big Cat diet ranges from a carnivore diet, turkey, chicken, pork and beef. This is the feeding sheet. This specifies the species of cat, their name and the type of diet they would get throughout the week. The most important part of the Big Cats diet is the zoological grade mush. This is a carnivore diet consisting of ground-up cow organs which provides the most nutrition for the cats. Why don’t you come over here and help me make a few diets for the Big Cats! Now that the diets are cut let’s go feed some cats. The area where the Big Cats eat is called a lockout. This is an extension of their enclosure where they get fresh water and food daily. If you’d like to help feed our Big Cats please visit BigCatRescue.org/donate CC EDITED-CRM-DQ

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