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BALLOON choose karo….winner ho jao😘 christmas special kitty games with English subtitles

Hello Friends….. Today I have brought a new kitty game for you Which you can play with fun with your friends or family. For this, you just have to take a chart paper in which I have drawn almost 40 balloons And in this chart, I have used 8 colors Random 5 to 6 balloons drawn on this chart paper are filled with one color For example to make it Indian Independence day special theme game I have highlighted the colors of the Indian Tricolor That is, Orange, White, Green and Blue I have given more points to these colors. Similarly for any other theme, different colors can be given more weightage See I have made a points card like this The Points are given like this …. Red – 1 … Green- 4…Yellow-2…Pink-3…Orange-6…Blue-7…White-5…Brown- 1 You can Change it according to your likes and party theme Now.. what you have to do is You have to hide this points card and you don’t have to show it till the game ends Make a scorecard like this These are the Abbreviations for all the 8 colors that you have used Now first member comes, and she is asked to choose 10 balloons but at least of 3 different colors. For example -: you cannot take all the 10 balloons of a single color It’s your choice that you can select balloons of whichever colors you want But its mandatory to select at least 3 colors You can choose any number of colors ranging from 3 to 8 Suppose, Member 1 chooses 1 balloon of red color Show this sheet to everybody. You need not to hide it from anybody She chooses 2 green balloons, 1 white balloon and so on till she has chosen 10 balloons Just like this all the members will play one by one and choose 10 balloons which will be noted on scorecard by color. Take the Scorecard and match the balloons chosen. I someone chose 1 red, then she will get one point. If someone chose 2 greens so she will get 8 points because 2 X 4=8. The member with highest score will be the winner. If you Like the game, please press LIKE button And Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE my channel Thank You Very much

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