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Ansichten und Angewohnheiten als Jugendlicher | Marshell

You know, your marshell encountered the most curious habits and happenings in his teenage years Some of which you will find… Hehehehehe And some of which you will find… Eh Hehe Ehm Ehhhhhhhh So let’s dive together in my nostalgia by rolling up the past of the youthful Marshell As a teenager I fought with enormous skin problems which is why I bought a lot of new skin and healts products because the pharmaceutical industry was always advertising so promising The new skin lotion with COCONUT MILK! [Explosion] Shower essence with HONEY EXCTRACT!! [More Explosions] The new shampoo with CAFFEINE ADDITION!! [Even more Explosions] With my new skin care products I NATURALIZE DIRT AWAY [Directed by Michael Bay] Unfortunately, all this stuff never worked on me At some point the following came to my mind Hey, if they constantly advertise their nature based products Why don’t I just use the natural ingredients [Mind=Blown] From then on I used mostly only natural products for body care On the one hand my skin improved immensely on the other hand this caused some interesting conversations with my ex-girlfriends Why is there coffee in this bathtube?! Why is my hair sooo natuuuuraliiiizeeed? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Due to my little problems I used the internet more and more whereby I got to know the most dubious personalities to whom I often believed far too quickly any babbling Because who would go online and…. tell lies? With my tender 14 years, your Marshell thought he was understanding human nature in its entirety I always mutated to some kind of hobby therapist in online conversations ‘Hey guys, I did not sleep that well yesterday’ ‘Oh well, maybe you were just a little sick.’ ‘No!’ ‘NO’ ‘Solution is really simple’ She has deeply rooted desires [heavy breathing] In general, my whole way of communicating ten years ago was a little different than it is today Especially when I knew there was a girl on the other end of the line. So I advise you to wear your cringe protection now because I assume no liability for permanent damage Heyyy *carefully cuddling you* Are you there, B-Baka?<. curling your hair>Let’s watch anime together ’til one of us falls asleep^^ *hugs from behind* Raawrrr xD *purring like a kitten* *breathing in* *breathing out* And since we’re now talking about autism anyway If I was walking somewhere in the city and the curb had tile patterns then I had to put my foot either exactly in the middle or at least never crossing the line Otherwise I was mentally triggered and I got real paranoia about how I look to others A simple walk in the city became an absolute stress situation Imagine a simple sidewalk There I am and another person walking towards me And we are getting closer each second My head is overflowing with thoughts Shall I look at her? Is that intrusive? Shall I ignore her? But then, where am looking? On the ground? Oh god, she is coming closer Maybe I’ll get eye contact Damn, she doesn’t return the eye contact. I know, just walk by and smile [Awkwardly passing by] Yes, did not embarrass myself! Or did I?! That’s why I started acting through situations that happened during the day with alternative storylines at home Are you talking to me? ARE YOU TALKING TO ME? [doorbell] But I thought that we gonna have a little chat now… Q_Q When I wanted to change my appearance I always reached my creative and financial limits quite fast And ended up combining anything with anything ‘Cause clothes don’t make the man’ ‘I just need to be comfortable’ ‘Yes, Kid’ ‘That’s what I am talking about’ In ten years, I’ll be a trendsetter with my torn clothes And sometimes I’d wear the same things for weeks Until *Sniffing intensifies* ‘Yeah, they still smell good.’ ‘One more week will be alright’ I also got really paranoid about the slightest inconsistency on or in my body Sometimes I had white dots on my fingernails When I asked my father where they came from, he just replied: Marshell, that’s protein deficiency. You need to eat more eggshells. And I actually started eating eggshells for weeks after that Sometimes I really lost control over my eating habits If there was something tasty to eat, I’d eat until it hurt ‘Awwwww, I am dyinnnnng’ Here’s some dessert Awww!!! [vacuum cleaner sound] But it was just as bad when it came to movies and series I came home from school threw my things into the corner and binged watched for hours new anime and Disney productions Only to end up in deep grief again and again that the series is already over after 60 episodes in two days Q_Q I thought that learned more and more about Japanese culture through animes At one point, I thought I was a Japanese expert because I was an anime expert. My top three things about Japan First Japan has shimi… shinigamas Second Japan’s spirit animal is the Octopus Third Japanese women are like this at first and from the age of 40 they are like this When I turned 16, I regularly uploaded anime snippets to MyVideo or YouTube which I synchronized myself So, if you’re interested in how your Marshell started as a teenage video producer you can imagine it to be something like this [cringe protection] [emotional music] [Japanese] Well I kissed you the last time, right? [Japanese] How about you kiss me this time? [German] There is something between my legs. Wanna touch it? [German] Oh Marshell-kun, I do not know if I can handle this All this led me to Japan Day in Düsseldorf at the age of 17 Once there, I felt confirmed in my cultural steretoyp There were people in anime costumes all over the place Everybody wanted to hug you and there were community events around every corner [German Digimon Opening] Until I finally realized that all of this has almost nothing to do with Japanese Culture In my teenage years I was just slowly becoming a weeabo Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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