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“Animal Guy” Scott’s favorite cats – Big Cat TV

“Animal Guy” Scott’s favorite cats – Big Cat TV

As a staff member of Big Cat Rescue, so often, people say, “which is your favorite cat” or “who do you like best” and it’s so tough that’s like picking which one of your kids you like the best. So, today we’re going to take a quick tour and we’re just going to go look at some of, more of the cats that chose me and I chose them as my favorites, and we’re going to start off with Squeaker. Squeaker has been here as long as I have, and that’s over nine years. So, Squeaker has kind of always liked me; he started out as pretty a grumpy guy. He was, he was kind of mean, you know, didn’t really, uh, very very food aggressive. Didn’t like a lot of people. He has really came around. He likes a lot of people. He talks to everyone. He’s a big favorite on the tour path. Squeaker’s, um, he’s kind of getting old. He doesn’t look as good, as robust, as he used to. He’s past his prime. I guess what we would try to say about Squeaker is that he’s past his prime. He’s getting up into the geriatric range, and he’s starting to lose some muscle tone. And we have, we think that Squeaker never had very good muscular development. As a pet, he probably wasn’t fed a great diet. And a lot of times, with these kind of animals, they’re kept in smaller cages, and they don’t get the exercise and run around like they’re supposed to. But, we’ve done everything we can for Squeaker since he’s been here; he’s on glucosamine. He’s got a little hill to climb. He’s actually very happy, so we’re going to go a little bit closer and say hi to Squeaker. One of the things about Squeaker’s is he’s got such a loud purr. Squeaker has always been very friendly to me, always been a good guy to me. Right, Squeak? Now, we’re going to go see Cleo Cleo. Her real name, her given name was actually Cleocatra, but she is a serval and she’s one of my favorite animals, as well. So, Cleo is a typical story. She used to be a pet, and she kind of gets lost in the shuffle of all the servals that we have here at Big Cat Rescue. But, she’s kinda got a sweet face and she’s always been nice to me so I like her, and she’s probably my favorite serval. Cleo. Still wouldn’t want her as a pet inside my house but, she’s pretty cool. And everyone that knows me, knows that I have a definite soft spot for Cameron and Zabu. They were one of the rescues that happened while I was managing Big Cat Rescue, and they came from a zoo that shut down. But, they’ve really, really have a lot of personality, and it was, it was incredible to see them get here. And they were all dirty, and they came from a place where their future was uncertain. And to come here, we got Cameron healthy; he’s had a vasectomy. Zabu has been spayed. They’re living together in this great, big cage and just getting along so great, and it’s just awesome. They have such great personality and I’ve really have a connection with both of them, especially Cameron. Trying to get Cameron to roar. Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh. Nothing? Oh. One of my other favorite animals at Big Cat Rescue is Jefferson; he is a palm civet. He is not actually a cat, but he is one of my favorites. He was actually left at our front gate in a carrier, and we found him on the fourth of July a few years back. On the Internet, you can buy palm civets as pets, and they really aren’t a lot of fun. But he’s a pretty cool guy. He’s got a little bit crippled, he’s got some deformed legs. He’s not very active, as far as that goes, but, but he’s a really cool guy. I wouldn’t want to touch him, but let’s see Jefferson. Just what I want in my house, and he smells really nice, too. And this enclosure had two more of my favorites and they are both African leopards: they’re Jade and Armani. Back when Jade and Armani first came to Big Cat Rescue, we were still buying animals. And at the time, we thought that would be a good thing because we knew they might end up in a bad place. We thought they might be used for breeding and just make more animals to live in cages. We’ve since learned, learned a lot better, and we haven’t bought animals in many years. These guys have a really big cage, it’s divided into three parts. Don’t aim that thing at me! And they run and play through it. And sometimes, when they’re fighting, as sisters have a tendency to do, we can split them up. But, that doesn’t happen very often. So, Jade and Armani have been special to a lot of people over the years, especially the people that knew them when they were young. And I consider myself pretty lucky to be one of the people that they like and, and to have watched them grow up and just see how great cats they are. Two of my favorites are also Natasha and Willow, and they’re Siberian Lynx. These guys were from a fur farm and they’re very cool. Then, we have Flavio. Don’t tell anyone else, Flav. Up! Up! Oh, what a good boy, what a good boy Flavio. Flavio’s such a handsome tiger. He’s a good boy, kind of crabby at feeding time though. So, other than that, he’s a good kid. And of course, our pair of lionesses Nikki and Sarabi. They’re two of my favorite cats. Sarabi’s been here a long time. She’s a big sweetheart, except at feeding time. But, the lion girls are definitely two of my favorites. Nick! Oh! So, I’ve known Enya since she was a little girl, and we’re actually neighbors back here, in the back of the sanctuary, and she is absolutely one of my favorites. And Enya was one of the cats that, that we did all the stupid stuff with here at Big Cat Rescue. Enya used to walk on leash, on a leash. She used to go out to schools. She used to go to different events. She, I think, even went to a Garth Brooks concert at one point in her life. And, as we’ve come to realize, that’s, that’s not what these animals are supposed to do. And it really sends out the wrong message to people, because you know what, why should we be able to walk this animal on a leash, and we’re going to tell other people not to. And you know, as cute as Enya is and she seems kind of small, and even though I’ve known her since she was little, it’s really not safe to go in the cage with her, and I wouldn’t try to bring her out on the leash these days. And it’s really, it’s not what she is; it’s not what she’s supposed to do. And it’s very unfair to these animals to try to force them to do these things. Enya is a feisty little thing, and even though she’s probably less than 100 pounds, she would definitely give any adult a run for their money. [Enya meows] EDITED-CGR-ACP-MGN-DQ

16 thoughts on ““Animal Guy” Scott’s favorite cats – Big Cat TV

  • VickiOrMindyB, it appeared that they may have been using her to scare people away. Also, I guess they thought owning a lion made them seem tough. Sadly for her it was a pretty miserable life.

  • You're right they do look very similar, the differences are that the lynx can grow larger and as longer hind legs, but the main difference we tell everybody on our tour is this: the bobcats tail is black on the the tip and white underneath, whilst the lynx tail is black all the way around like it as been dipped in an ink well. Hope this helps!

  • Most cats come up and see what you're up to especially in Scott's cage who has been at BCR for a long time, the cats know and trust him.

  • That's good big cats are hard not to like really! I wouldn't want a tiger in bed with me though that would be a very bad idea! Thanks for watching!

  • Another good idea, I think we tried this before but not many people are comfortable being in front of the camera!? We're gonna be making a day in the life at BCR video which will feature many of the volunteers.

  • I am shocked to see the leopard you have is so TINY. She's almost as tiny as a cougar. Tigers and lions however are huge.

  • It's so good to hear you admitting to past mistakes, Scott! That BCR has learned how to better treat their residents is a wonderful learning experience for all of us. I really admire the treatment that your critters get, and have actually started some enrichment for my own pampered house cat.
    Keep up the great work.

  • It's cool to hear about how much you guys have learned over the years. I've learned so much just from watching your videos. The first I had really learned about ligers was on videos from T.I.G.E.R.S. and other profit-seeking entities who twisted the facts about these animals to make it seems like it wasn't a cruel practice. Since then I have seen your videos and I'm so glad to see that people are out here telling the truth and doing everything in their power to help these animals.

  • Where's Scott now? I tried finding him on BCR's website but he must not be with the sanctuary anymore. 🙁 That's sad, especially since Niki sure liked him and he was always getting stray critters out of the cats' enclosures (I'm sure Gale would love to have a break from saving armadillos!).

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