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An Astrologer Reads Ariana Grande’s & Pete Davidson’s Star Charts

An Astrologer Reads Ariana Grande’s & Pete Davidson’s Star Charts

– Hi, cosmic warriors. It’s me, Aliza, I’m an astrologer. And today we are going to
be looking at the charts of Ariana Grande and
her boo, Pete Davidson. These charts are very very interesting. And I’m so excited to
tell you guys what I see. (otherworldly music) A natal chart is a snapshot of the sky at your exact moment of birth. So it really is everything you could ever want to
know about somebody. It is your cosmic fingerprint. So ultimately when we’re
looking at compatibility, we want there to be an easy alignment between the two different natal charts so that both people are on the same page. So we have Ariana who is a Cancer, so happy birthday, Ariana, it just passed. She is a moon goddess. And what that means is that her moods are constantly changing. So she needs to be with somebody
who can keep up with her very very shifting and
constantly switching up if she’s in a good mood or a bad mood. And who better to do that than a Scorpio. Which is another water sign. And what is more big dick
energy than a Scorpio. Instant compatibility
between these two right? Water and water is great together. I mean I’m turned on. Like it’s pretty sexy. Another interesting thing
that I need to point out when it comes to Ariana Grande is that she has a ton of cardinal energy. So, she is a Capricorn
rising, she is a Cancer sun and then her moon is in Libra. So all of these energies
are working together and Pete Davidson is fitting
very neatly into her chart, really completing it in a way. And activating all of these
things simultaneously. Making her feel sexy and
good about herself, the sun. Making her feel professionally
in the spotlight, Capricorn. And then also giving her the partnership that her moon in her own chart wants. Her Uranus, not your anus, Uranus. Is right on her ascendent. This shakes shit up. She actually loves to fuck with us. She loves to shake things up and go from one good girl
image to a bad girl image to a pony tail to a not pony tail. That is her favorite thing to do. What is keeping people on their toes more than this completely
unexpected relationship that to the average person makes
absolutely no sense at all, however, within her chart it’s strategic, it’s smart and it’s sexy. And you know that they’re
having amazing sex, right? That is that BDE. What I see going on with
them is, to be honest, a lot of strategy. Ariana and Pete Davidson
absolutely know what they’re doing. There is a big picture scheme behind this. And I’m not saying that it’s nefarious and I don’t think that
they’re being shady, but I think that they really respect each other professionally. And I think that they’re recognizing that what one person can offer the other is going to be really important
for their public image, for their careers and all
of this bullshit of them hiding from the paparazzi,
give me a fucking break. You know that all they
want to do is be spotted. They understand what it
means to be a celebrity. What it means to have
people following you. What they’re doing in their private world is they’re having these
interesting conversations about how can we shift our image, right? And work together in
order to create something really interesting and dynamic. I literally think that they
might go into comedy together. I actually think that they
might do a sketch show, they might do a little YouTube thing and it would be super funny and cute. Because ultimately they’re
inspiring each other creatively. They’re igniting each
other’s sense of humor, their spirits, their laughter. They like to be together. I hope that they last. I think that this is a
really nice partnership and I think that it’s a
really good and interesting and unique bond, right? They have something special
that we can’t fully understand. But on the inside,
everybody absolutely gets. Thank you so much for joining me. I hope that you learned
a lot about our friends, Ariana and Pete. I hope you learned a lot about yourself. My name is Aliza, I’m the author of The
Mixology of Astrology and I will see you next time.

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