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An Afternoon in San Antonio – #SUMMER2019 Episode 4

An Afternoon in San Antonio – #SUMMER2019 Episode 4

– Well, good morning from the San Antonio/Alamo KOA Holiday. Well, yeah, today we are going to explore the Alamo City itself. (smooth keyboard music) ♪ I’m riding ♪ ♪ Riding, riding ♪ ♪ Riding in my RV ♪ ♪ My RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ ♪ Because I’m free in my RV, yeah ♪ Beautiful morning here in San Antonio, and we are going to have breakfast. They do have a breakfast
place here at the campground. This is actually my second time here. I was here back in February of 2018 and it was cold and miserable, so they invited me to come back. They have a pick-up window
with some outdoor seating and some indoor seating as well. Ooh, and free coffee. It is, overall, very pleasant. And we’re starving. Well, that was a good breakfast. We’re gonna spend the
rest of the morning here. We’re gonna do some laundry and take care of a couple of things, I’m gonna edit some video, and then we’re going into
downtown, into San Antonio proper. A little pricey, but then again,
you pay for the convenience of not having to get out of the RV park and finding something to eat outside. It is such a nice RV park though, and they have bike rentals
and all that good stuff. There’s the pond. And here’s the pool. No swimming in the pond, as the sign says. But it seems like a perfect
spot to fly the drone and see our surroundings
from a higher perspective. (soft ambient music) There’s downtown in the distance. Doesn’t seem all that
far away, now does it? We are so close to downtown that we’ve decided to leave the
truck here at the campground and take an Uber instead. Well, here we are. Well, of course, it is the Alamo. And that’s the line to go in, but we’ve been inside before,
so we’re going to skip it. Besides, they don’t allow
photography of any kind, strictly enforced, so wouldn’t
be able to show you anyways. But the gardens are beautiful and they have some monuments and artifacts and Davy Crockett. The main building here, the
chapel of the Alamo Mission, is known as the shrine of Texas liberty. Yep, lots of history here. The tall tower is called
Tower of the Americas and we’ll be going there later for some commanding views of the city. This monument here in front of the Alamo is Alamo Cenotaph, also called
the Spirit of Sacrifice. It bears the names of those who died in the Battle of the Alamo, which was a pivotal event
in the Texas Revolution. (soft keyboard music) Oh no, they have the scooters here too. I’m gonna ride on one of
those one of these days. From the first time I came to San Antonio, I thought the city had a unique character; that of an older city shaped
by the passage of time. And indeed, San Antonio was
founded as a Spanish mission and colonial outpost back in 1718, so it recently celebrated
it’s 300th anniversary. Let’s check out the Buckhorn here. – [Host] Gift shop’s over there. Cafe’s open ’til 7 o’clock. We have a saloon and over 40,000 square feet
of exhibits on two floors. Upstairs in the Buckhorn
Museum, we have animals– – That’s a lot of dead animals. We’re having a Buckarita,
which is the signature drink. Well, as you can see,
that was very refreshing. Oldest continuously-operating bar, that’s what they said,
right, in San Antonio. Here they have these
convex and concave mirrors that make you look funny,
and a shooting gallery. They have a museum and a
bunch of other attractions; a huge tourist trap, but the
bar itself seems to be legit. Yeah, whenever you see one
of these Zoltar machines, it’s kind of a telltale. Well, that was cool. Let’s continue to the River Walk. Here we are at the famous River Walk, with its electric boat tours
and plentiful restaurants, and we’re gonna do both. Let’s go do the boat first and
then we’ll have a late lunch. Coming up ahead is the
famous Selena Bridge, and here’s where we’re
gonna take the tour. It’s $12 per ticket for a 35-minute ride. Let’s go do it. There’s once again the Selena Bridge, named after the late Tejano
singer Selena Quintanilla, after the bridge was featured
in the movie about her life. (soft music) – [Tour Guide] (unintelligible) – [Robert] By the way, our boat
has the worst audio system. It is almost impossible to understand what our guide is saying. I mean, it is still a very pretty ride, even if the audio is
almost unintelligible. (bright mariachi music) Gotta have mariachis, right? And here’s Casa Rio, the
oldest restaurant on the river, operating here since 1946, and that’s where we plan to eat later. The Marriott over there stands
on the original location of the Fairmount Hotel, which did set the record as the
largest building ever moved. We’ll see it later too. We are now approaching
the Convention Center and the Lila Cockrell Theatre, named after San Antonio’s
first female mayor, and its famous mosaic mural. Coming up ahead is where
the boat turns around, and this is kind of an
artificial extension of the River Walk. And here’s another spot
where you can buy tickets and board this same tour. In fact, we will do this
again in a couple of days as part of the RV Caravan
With Us San Antonio rally, so I can’t wait to show you all this from a slightly different
perspective and much better audio. The building with the flag is the 30-story-tall Tower Life Building, dating back to 1929. The red monument with all the scaffolding, that’s the Torch of Friendship, a gift from the Mexican government to the city of San Antonio. And here’s the hotel Palacio del Rio, completed in only nine months because of its innovative modular design. It was constructed for
the 1968 World’s Fair. And there’s Rosita’s Bridge
as we approach La Villita. Yeah, this one is pronounced
as you would in Spanish and it was one of San
Antonio’s first neighborhoods, preserved during the
construction of the River Walk. We will visit a little more
in depth on foot later today. And here’s the amphitheater famous for, well, famous for the
movie Miss Congeniality with the stage with the five bells. (soft music) This island with the
hundred-year-old cypress tree is called Marriage Island because of the island’s heart shape. It is a symbol of good luck to newlyweds. And apparently, lots of
weddings take place there. Passing now much closer to
the Tower Life Building. Ooh, check out the gargoyles. And that over there,
that is the courthouse. Oh, what a view. Look at all the love locks, a tradition sure started
after Pont des Arts in Paris. – [Tour Guide] All right, guys,
we are back where we began. – I’m sorry to say our
tour is nearly over. A tree that grew from the wall. Let’s go find Casa Rio,
although, we are in Texas; I could also go for some
nice barbecue or a steak, although we might stick to Casa Rio. We already had Mexican in mind, and it is the oldest restaurant
around here after all, so we’re gonna stick to the original plan. Yeah, they have mariachis over there too. It’s a thing, okay. I thought it was unique
to the Casa Rio; no. Here we are. This place is huge! “The oldest restaurant on
the river, since 1946.” Cheers. I got the regular margarita. It’s pretty good. And we’re munching on some
chips and salsa to start. Cheers. We’ve got pigeons on top of our umbrella. The food is really
good, if a little bland. Somehow I was expecting
it to be more spicy. All right, let’s go. We gotta use the restroom anyway, so let me show you the
rest of the restaurant. (light upbeat music) All right, let’s walk towards La Villita, which, as I mentioned, is very historic, one of the oldest neighborhoods, although nowadays it is
mostly shopping and dining. Here’s the amphitheater we
saw earlier from the boat, and that modular hotel, and the five bells representing the five Taco Bells in town, or at least that’s the local joke. No, I didn’t think it was funny either. And this is it, La Villita. Let’s walk around a little bit and maybe try to find some coffee. That enchilada and chile con carne we had, it’s really making me sleepy. (bright upbeat music) Here we are. Mmm, I smell coffee! There’s no one here, but the
espresso seems to be good. Ah. Our next stop: the Tower of the Americas, also built for the 1968 World’s Fair. (smooth keyboard music) We’re walking across Hemisfair Park, which is basically the grounds where the World’s Fair took place. This was actually the
tallest observation tower in the United States from 1968 until 1996, when the Las Vegas Stratosphere
tower was completed. There’s a fee to ride
the elevator to the top, but I think we found a loophole. If you go to the Chart
House restaurant or the bar, there’s no fee, so that’s
what we’re gonna do, and it happens to be happy hour. This is what I call wine with a view. Is that the Alamo I see down there? All right, let’s go back down. They have an antique car exhibition here. I just love the look of those
purely mechanical engines, from a time before
everything was controlled by a computer chip. Let me tell you, if I
had the mechanical skills or the money to maintain one of these, I would love to have
something from the ’70s or perhaps even the ’50s,
my two favorite decades when it comes to antique cars. Ooh, here you can take a
picture looking like an angel. Very nice park here,
and it even looks like they are going to have
live music later today. (speaking foreign language) Instituto Cultural de Mexico. This is a campus belonging to the National Autonomous
University of Mexico. And here they have some art. This seems to be a secret passage going towards the River Walk, although we are getting kind of tired. Okay, and we’re back by the River Walk. We’ve come full-circle. Yeah, this is the end. That’s where the boat
turns around right there. Pretty cool. We have to look for that
building that they moved. Well, this… Well, this building right
here, the Fairmount Hotel, holds the record as the
largest building ever moved. Used to be… Where the Marriott is located right now, so they moved it all the way
from over there to over here. We are going to take
an Uber back to the KOA and call it a day. When we return in about 90
seconds, the adventure continues. We are going to visit a brewery and a winery in Hill Country
and a famous barbecue joint as we make our way ever
so slowly towards Austin, the state capital. Before we continue, I wanna
talk about the Ridge Wallet, who are very kindly
sponsoring this episode, and they make all kinds of products, not just the Ridge Wallet. They have this nice backpack
and they have chargers. But their flagship design is this wallet, which is a very minimalist style. It’s just two sheets of
metal, and let me show you. Let me show you how it works, because for a long time I’ve had, you know, like everybody
else, a regular bifold wallet. It’s the old style. And if you are like me, I put
all kinds of stuff in here that I don’t really need, like receipts. And before you know it, it’s
like a softball in my pocket. And all you really need is
a couple of credit cards, your driver’s license,
and maybe insurance card, and that’s what this is
perfect for; let me show you. Well, here you go. This is all that you really
need, especially us RVers, who are more into that
minimalist lifestyle. This is all you really need; a couple of credit cards,
a little bit of cash. And then you put it in your front pocket and that’s all you carry around. You don’t have to carry a
big bifold or trifold wallet. By the way, it is super durable. It’s just two sheets of metal. They have carbon fiber,
they have titanium, the have aluminum, or
aluminium as they say. And it is RFID-blocking as well, so it protects your privacy. So, check ’em out, ridge.com/myrv. And if you use the code
‘MYRV’, you get a 10% discount. Now, back to our
regularly-scheduled program. (soft country music) Well, good morning. Today, we’re going to Austin, the capital of the Lone Star State. But first, let’s take a little detour to the scenic route through Hill Country. I hear it’s supposed to be beautiful. Fredericksburg, here we are. Super cute and touristy town with a German influence, actually. But it’s one of those places
with diagonal parking, which is not ideal if you wanna
park with a trailer in tow. If it was parallel parking, I could have taken two parking spaces, but we’re just gonna have to continue and come back some other time. Instead, we are going to
visit the Altstadt Brewery. They do have oversized
parking, so let’s check it out. Very pretty building they have here. Here’s the bar. And what do we have here? Apparently they offer tours as well. We’re gonna have an Alt beer
because that’s their specialty. The grounds are beautiful, and they have this large
outdoor seating area so you can have your
beer al fresco, or not. It is kind of hot, actually. And timing is everything;
they have a line now. Well, this was fun. Let’s continue. East, actually, towards Austin, Texas. By the way, in case you didn’t notice, this whole area full of
breweries and wineries, yep, I like it. By the way, I don’t know
exactly how it works, but during the weekends they
seem to have a shuttle service that drives people around the
wineries and the breweries so you don’t have to drive yourself. Here we are at Messina Hof Winery, which is a Harvest Hosts member, although we’re not gonna
spend the night here. We just want to see it,
maybe sample the local reds. There, that’s one of those wine shuttles I was talking about. And here we are, parked
right next to the vines. Ah, it’s divine. Here’s the tasting room. And what do you do in a tasting room? This is the Viognier. Exactly, tasting some wine. Paulo Blend. That’s the good stuff, tannin heaven. Pretty nice. Next time, we’re definitely
gonna take advantage of our Harvest Hosts membership
and spend the night here. They have some outdoor seating as well. And they have a food truck. All right, we’re gonna go
back to Minitini the trailer and take a break. (upbeat music) Our next stop is definitely
going to be a place to eat. And we’ve been in Texas
for a few days already, so we are way overdue
for some good barbecue. This is such a beautiful area, isn’t it? Such a beautiful drive. After much deliberation, we’ve decided to stop
at this barbecue joint called the Salt Lick. It comes highly recommended,
and the place is huge. It is also packed. Let’s see if we can find a spot where we can park with a trailer in tow. I think our best bet is going
to be all the way to the back. Yep, back here; this is
where we’re gonna park it. ♪ Texas is hot ♪ We’re gonna have to walk a little. This place is huge! We’re in Texas, all right,
where everything’s bigger. There seems to be a line. Actually, all these famous
barbecue places in Texas seem to have long waiting times. I think we’ve found a loophole. Well, it’s a 90-minute wait,
so we decided to take– Yes, it is a 90-minute wait if you wanna sit down at a table, but we found out that the
waiting time is much shorter if you go to the to-go line. I mean, take a look at this place. All these people are waiting, which I wouldn’t mind all that
much if we weren’t so hungry. I mean, there is live
music, beer, nice ambience. This place, in true
Texas fashion, is huge. Here’s the indoor seating area, I guess. There’s even another outdoor
seating area back here. Let me go back. Yes, let me go back quickly. Ili is waiting for me at the to-go line. I just wanted to walk
around the whole place, and I’ll leave the camera rolling so you get an idea of the
sheer size of this place. (soft acoustic guitar music) ♪ Play the game ♪ – Good music too. Apparently, all these people out here are waiting to get a table. So, yeah, it is a long line. We’re just gonna get a, as
I said, grab a to-go order and eat it inside Minitini,
as you do when you have an RV. Well, we ended up eating in Minitini with a view of (pausing) this. Bon appetit! (light upbeat music) Well, the Salt Lick lives
up their reputation, finger-licking good. Mmm, I can still taste it. By the way, people today, if
you’re in a bit of a hurry, go to the takeout line. It took about, what, 15 minutes? And there was a 90-minute
wait to eat inside. And since we have an RV anyway, I mean, we missed the communal experience of eating with other people,
but it’s the same food. All right, about, what, 30
minutes to our destination, the Pecan Grove RV Park in Austin, Texas, and we’ll see where we go from there. (light upbeat music) On the next episode, another
great city: Austin, Texas. ♪ Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas ♪ ♪ Texas is hot ♪ (smooth keyboard music) ♪ I’m riding ♪ ♪ Riding in my RV ♪

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