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5 Best Luxury Purchases of 2019 So Far | Amaya Lynx Collab

(upbeat music) Hello and welcome, I am
jewelry designer, Jill Maurer, and I often talk about
jewelry on my channel. I also talk about design and luxury design is one of the things I talk about a lot, sometimes we are here in my closet talking about some of the handbags and the different things that I own, I am so happy today to be
doing a collaboration video with Amaya Lynxx, I’ve
watched Amaya for a long time, I really enjoy her channel. I enjoy her as well,
she’s a lovely YouTuber, she is from England, she
lives in London, England, so she does have the beautiful accent. She has a wonderful closet,
a wonderful collection. She usually comes to you from her closet and her closet is amazing. She has a beautiful
collection of luxury items. She has a lot of Hermes,
and she talks about the different times, how she wears them. She has probably one of the biggest Hermes scarf collections I’ve ever seen. And she loves to wear them and
wear them in beautiful ways. Because it is halfway through the year, Amaya and I are both talking about our five best luxury
purchases so far this year. When you are through watching my video, please do check out Amaya’s video. I will provide a link to that below and if you are here from
watching Amaya’s video, welcome, I really
appreciate that you’re here. And now for my five best luxury
purchases of 2019 so far. I have done more in depth
videos for most of these items, I think for all of the items, I will link those up here, and below. For some of them I may have
done more than one video, I may have done an unboxing and a review. I can only link five videos up here so it’ll be one for each, and I’ll link those and the
rest below for you to see. The first is this Bottega Veneta. This is a Hobo bag, and
it is the Belly Hobo. Mine is in large, it features this Intrecciato Woven Leather, that Bottega is so well known for. I have another Bottega
bag in my collection, it’s right here, this orange bag you see. I’ve always loved that bag, that is a Hobo, it is their Veneta Hobo, and this is the Belly. I had a black Bottega Veneta in the past and loved the look of the bag, loved the color of the bag, but there was a problem with that bag. It had some metal on it that
would get caught in my hair and get caught on sweaters. I do have a video on that. It was included in bags
that I sold and why, and I’ve always wanted
to replaced that bag because a Bottega bag in
black, can go anywhere, just about anywhere all year around. And finally, I found one. I did get this pre-loved on Fashionphile. So I was finally able to find one in the condition that I wanted and for a price that I liked. My Bottega Veneta Belly Hobo
in the large size in black. Number two is my Chloe Marcie Mini Bag. I really wanted a light-colored,
small cross body bag. I had a darker cross body
but I wanted a lighter color to focus on wearing in spring and summer when I’m often wearing
some lighter colors. White jeans, a cream
top, that kind of thing. And this bag fit the bill. You may not consider it a neutral, I do. For my wardrobe in the summer it is. It is this muted pink
color that I really enjoy. I was concerned at first
that this bag might be a little too small, but it is not. It has worked out very well. And the thing really made it work for me was finding some foldies, some sunglasses that fold down very small, so
that I could put them in here. Because it is a spring and summer bag it is important to me
that I have sunglasses. And they don’t have to be in the bag, sometimes I can tuck ’em
in or put ’em on my head, on top of my head, but
when I found those foldies it really made this bag completely work because now even when I don’t
wanna carry my sunglasses on top of my head I can
still pack them in here. This bag has been out
and about with me a lot since I have purchased it. Number three is this Hermes Scarf. This scarf features cave drawings, a lot of which are from the Lascaux Cave. It speaks to me so much because
I am a jewelry designer. One of my lines is the Lascaux collection. It was inspired by the
cave art of Lascaux. And another YouTuber, Autumn Beckman, saw this scarf on TheRealReal,
and sent it to me. She contacted me right away and said, this scarf was made for
you, you gotta get it. And she was right, I do love this scarf. I very much enjoy wearing it. Fair warning, the unboxing on
this one gets a little geeky, I can get a little geeky. Number four is my Yves
Saint Laurent Mombasa Bag. And this is not a new bag,
I did get this pre-loved. It’s not a new design,
it’s in great shape. I have enjoyed carrying
this, this bag was also an Autumn Beckman find. She contacted me and said, you
know this kind of reminds me of your jewelry a little bit. And it’s because of the horn. I do a series of horns that are based on the
drawing of the Lascaux Cave. I’m wearing a small one right here. I remember when this bag came out, and it came out long before I created the Lascaux Line. So when she sent it to me I remembered it and I thought, I always liked that bag. I wonder why I didn’t
pull the trigger on it. And now I had the opportunity to get it. And this one is in great shape. And I have enjoyed this as well. Number five is this pair of Italian shoes, these are by Valentina Rangoni. And these are handmade
Italian leather shoes. Valentina Rangoni is part
of the Rangoni family that have been making shoes and selling them in Italy and the U.S. since the 1940’s, they’re all
handmade and made in Italy. And I hauled a lot of, I
bought some 20-something pairs of shoes, I’ve
give you that haul video. And even if you’ve seen that video, you might not recognize these shoes. That’s because they’re not in it. I had to order these in my size so they came in just
after I shot that haul. I love this brand of shoes, I am so happy that I discovered it, so I’ve always said, if you were wearing
handmade Italian shoes, you can pay more but you will not be doing any better than that. These are some of the
best-made shoes in the world. This particular pair is a lot of fun. I’ve been wearing them this summer. And let me just show you, I’ll show you with the scarf, just you know,
if I can be wearing all white and put these together, and all creme and put these together,
and it’s just a fun look. So this is number five. Those are my top five
purchases for 2019, so far. Thank you so much Amaya, she did come up with this collab idea and
I think it is a great one. If you haven’t seen her video yet, please remember to check that out below. If you liked this video,
please like it and share it, I would also love for you to subscribe. I’m uploading a video every
single day for the year of 2019 and I would love to see
you here again tomorrow. Until then (light music).

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