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2015 Hello Kitty McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys – Pierce’sWorld

2015 Hello Kitty McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys – Pierce’sWorld

Hi everybody, it’s Pierce’sWorld. It’s good to see you again. It’s a girl theme and we are on to the Hello Kitty happy meal toys from McDonald’s. Like this ‘M’. Here’s the first one and we are going to open it up. So, #1 is the Hello Kitty ruler holder. It’s a ruler holder! This thing is a ruler. It’s really cool and it’s really cute and it measures stuff. Fold this and go like this… all done and ready to stick in Hello Kitty. So, we stick it in and her arms will move up and down. #2 is the Hello Kitty puzzle keeper. So, you can keep puzzles inside. It’s a puzzle, and we are going to build it up and see what we can do. Hello Kitty and her sister are having a picnic and it’s really cute. Next, we are moving on to #3. So, #3 is a Hello Kitty pencil top toy. Bobbly head! This is a purple pencil. Bobble… Bobble… Bobble… It comes with paper sheets. Bobble! Bobble! #4 is the Hello Kitty sticker dispenser, and we are going to open it up. Cute Hello Kitty stickers There are stickers of Hello Kitty’s bow, Hello Kitty stars, Hello Kitty on roller-skates… They have a lot of stickers in here. The Hello Kitty can rollerskate. She has wheels on the bottom, and it is really cool. #5 is Hello Kitty paper puncher. Wow, it made it heart. So cute! OK, we are going to move on to #6. So, #6 is Hello Kitty tin with stickers. So, we are going to open it up, and see what we can do. Oh, so cute! I love this. We will put this (back)… Once daddy comes, we are going to surprise him with these. So, #7 is the Hello Kitty sketch kit. It looks like a suitcase. So, it comes with two Hello Kitties on each side (of the paper.) One is different and two is different. So, look! Look at this one. So, we will use this one. It also comes with a purple pencil and paper. You are supposed to be able to sketch Hello kitty by angling the purple screen to see a reflection. So, if you are little like me then you need your mommy or daddy to help you with this project. You cannot do it all by yourself. It’s easy if you are a big kid, too. #8 is Hello Kitty bow embosser. So, we are going to open it up and see what we can do. It comes with paper. So, you put this here… … Oh look, the arms move (when you push it down.) This is everything in the Hello Kitty McDonald’s toys. So, I hope you like this video, Guys. And, I hope you like Hello Kitty McDonald’s toys. Please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. Watch more fun videos like Batman, Monster Trucks, or whatever you like… Ant-Man… Like Skateboard stuff… You can watch whatever you want. It’s so funny! (Pierce playing) La, la, la… Oh, hello Hello Kitty. I’m a chomper. Agh!!! Can you open here? Please? She is pooping stickers like this. Disgusting Hello Kitty… Disgusting! #8 is Hello Kitty… What is it called again? #8 is Hello Kitty bow “en-glosser”… Hello Kitty bow “en-launcher”… Hello Kitty bow “em-bosser”… Hello Kitty Bow “Em-bos-ser”.. Bow embosser

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