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1 Russian TV channel about Berget-9 by Lynx

>>BORIS GALKIN, PRESENTER>PAVEL NOVIKOV aka RONIN, player, rifleman of 3rd Mountaineers Brigade>
In the army we trained with laser equipment and blank ammo. You know, there was no fear to get wounded or killed. Actually people in airsoft afraid to be killed, even in-game. And those who could not get to the army for some reason – due to medics or parents did not let them, the airsoft gives a chance to try how does it feel to be a soldier. And that’s true – instead of show-off, brick crushing and other theatrical performance accompanying most of modern army maneuvers, participants of such games face quite real challenging situations where the completion of the task depends on the commander’s decision and on the teamwork.>>FREDRIK OLLSON aka MR.MEDIK, player, UN Forces company commander>FREDRIK NORSTON aka FRENO, player, UN Forces commander>ANDERS NILSSON aka SPOF, head of Berget Events crew>ALEKSEY KULIK aka LYNX, reporter

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