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고양이와의 첫 만남

고양이와의 첫 만남

Tah-dah~ ChuChu, it’s Christmas! Awww, Are you looking at mommy’s face because I am playing with it? It’s Christmas! We are going to make something pretty. -Hello? -It’s my first time to -say hello in the video not in the live. -It’s a little awkward, but please understand -cause it’s Christmas! -When I first named this channel as “Cream Heroes” -I really liked the name. -I imagined sweet cream color just like DD -and soft and fluffy hero, -I felt good already. -When I am thinking, kitties have -similarities with Heroes in movies. -DD has great giant pink jellies. -And just as all super heroes, -DD has a secret of this great giant pink jellies. -With this pink jellies’ super power, -He saves me from all evils in this world. I..gosh.. (Laugh) -For example, in Saturday morning, -I really want to sleep until late. -Because I usually work late on the previous day. -And DD, he wakes me up from the early morning -to save me. -If there isn’t DD, -I am about to have “I don’t want to do anything” disease. Cough! Cough! -So kind, isn’t he? DD! Put your front legs off! Cough! No, gosh.. My neck..! -And also, this man, my Chairman MoMo. -Just like all super heroes, -Chairman MoMo has rich-looking face, -endlessly growing nails, -and, infinitively losing -golden fur. -Also, he has a human butler. Nails! -Yes, I am talking about ‘me’. (Laugh) It broke. What is this, huh? Phew.. (Laugh) Did you get caught back here? (Laugh) -My Chairman MoMo, MoMo: hey, Ms. butler. MoMo: Stop talking about your nonsense, come and pet my back. Your back? Like this? MoMo: Hmm.. MoMo: Good! Do you want me to continue? MoMo: You are right. Keep doing. -Anyways, I think all kitties are -definitely super heroes. MoMo: Phew! -Even ChuChu, -whom I feel like saving from the rats around the town, -is also my little hero. -When I first met ChuChu, -I was actually little lost. -Work didn’t go well, -I felt like I couldn’t figure out what was my real dream. -Just like expedition who lost their way, -I was hesitated where to head to. -One day evening, in a cheap pub, -I was talking about what we should do for our future -with my friend. -I do not remember all things, -but it must be quite exhausting. -When the beer served, -after I drank a sip, -I was about to say ‘should I stop and quit everything?’, -I got a text message that -there is a kitty that needs to be taken care temporarily. (Text messaging) -I was a bit excited -no matter of hard situation of the kitty. -I was really depressed and complicated, -I was only happy by thinking -to go on a short trip to see a kitty. -I arrived at a small town by train. -It was snowy a bit. -I met the person who was taking care of the kitty temporarily -in front of a fancy building, which should be the only one in that town. -“Hey, here.” -After he said, he put his hand towards me. -I was bewildered and looked down his hand. -There was small fur bundle on his hand. -Furs were moving along cold wind. -At that day, that fur bundle -became my ChuChu. -It was quite hard to be close with ChuChu. -ChuChu was shy and easily got scared. -This small fur bundle had changed -little by little, -and slowly. -When ChuChu was really sick and had a hard time, -She endured because she trusted me. -While seeing ChuChu, -I promised myself to live harder with -great thankfulness and preciousness -I was one and only world and universe -that ChuChu has known. -Now, ChuChu like to run. -She wants to win not to lose against the other kitties -on her favorite toy. Not to be taken… ChuChu got it! -I think ChuChu -made me changed in a positive way continuously, -made me stand on hard days. -She is definitely a small brave hero. One, two~ Tah-dah! What do you think? Isn’t it amazing? Simple and good, right? -Today, December 25th, it is ChuChu’s birthday. -Actually I am unsure about her real birthday, -but I think her birthday should be the day -when everybody is happy and blessed. -For celebrating ChuChu’s birthday, -with my small heroes -I wrote a card for you. -It feels a little awkward, but please take it, -Cause it’s Christmas. -Merry Christmas! Hello, kitties, thank you for being with me also this year. I can stand and can be encouraged from full of your supports and love.
I really thank you. I really want to hug every one of you warm. You did a great job for an year. I hope you have a happy and warm Christmas. LuLu: Huh? LuLu: Hello~ LuLu, go there and say hello. Right there. Go and say hello. LuLu: Give me~ (Laugh) What do you want, boy? I told you say hello.. LuLu: Okay! If you give me a treat, I will go and say hello. (Laugh) LuLu: Merry Christmas! LuLu: Hmm.. LuLu: Happy New Year! Awww, you are so pretty! Awww.. My daughter is so adorable! My baby~ Why are you so cute? Good, stop. Now stop! Give me this.. No, look at that! Ugh, DD! Who did this here..! Your mouth! Kitty! Baby.. mommy is too strong I guess.. I broke it. (Falling) Kitties..! (Laugh) Hey! DD: (I cannot believe I am becoming 4…)

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