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ハローキティ 文房具セット ミニステーショナリーセット / Hello Kitty Super Cute Mini Stationery Set

ハローキティ 文房具セット ミニステーショナリーセット / Hello Kitty Super Cute Mini Stationery Set

Hello! How are you? Today, I’d like to play with “Hello Kitty Stationery Set”
(I’d like to play with “Hello Kitty Stationery Set”♪) Let’s open! Wow! These are so cute! There are so many! Let’s open this first. Wow, so cute. These are stackable pencils, memo pad, and stickers. Let’s take a look at the memo pad first. Very cute. How about inside? Ah, ordinary memo pad. Just a memo pad. These are… stackable pencils. When the lead of pencil runs out, put this part… into the… hole! Push push push Push push push Then look! The new lead of pencil comes out! That’s how it works. You don’t have to sharpen the pencil, but you just have to change the part. Very convenient~. Let’s write something… I will draw Hello Kitty’s ribbon. It’s done~. I drew the ribbon~. I drew this ribbon. Look. And there are two sheets of stickers. Ok. Done~ Let’s take a look at this next. The stapler. And staple. Let’s try with paper. OK! It works well even though it’s so small. Let’s take out the pens. I will write something. The outside is pink. This part is big. It’s glittering. The ink contains glitters. Purple. This is also with glitters. Oh, it looks like blue. Next, pink! No, red? Cute, it’s pink. Good. This one has glitters, too. Next, ball-point pen with four colors. Green. What? Why?? No color comes out! Red. Ok, it works. Blue. It works. Black. It works as well. Only green… doesn’t work… Green pen doesn’t work! Done! Highlighters! Blue. Yellow. Pink. They are so cute! Lets’s try on this paper. I will draw. Oh, nice color! Done. Yellow. Done. Blue. Light blue! Good. All done! I’d like to see the stamps next. Cute. First, big Hello Kitty. Wow! So cute! Yeah! Scissors. Cellophane tape. It comes with the actual tape! Let’s pull out! Did you see the hands?? First the hands are like this… and if you pull the scissors out… the hads moves! Cute- Wow wow wow wow~ I cut the paper with the scissors. Ah~it hurts…. The cutting part is not sharp enough…. It didn’t work well. I will stick it on the paper. Stick stick stick. Done! Clips! Cute! Clips and memo pad! Take it and…. Stick it onto the paper.. How cute! Look. It’s not memo pad, its tags. See? OK! Done~ The shape of the clips is Kitty’s face! Letter set. Stickers, letter paper, and envelopes. Let’s tale a look inside…. Wow, so cute. Write name you want to give letter to here, and write your own name here. And write message here. Fold like this…. and give it to your friends! Oh, you have to put it in the envelope. Let’s write a letter! I wanna use a sticker, too. It won’t fit if it’s too big… Here…. Good, done! Look! And seal it with this sticker. Yeah! I will give it to my mom later! Let’s see the rest of items! Clips. Memo pad. Memo pad. Eraser. Pencil sharpener. The shape is of Kitty! Cute. This is clip. I like it. These are erasers. Ordinary erasers. Cute. It is cute without the paper holder. Pencil sharpener. Look. It opens! Wow, great! So you take out the shavings. I really like this. The “Hello Kitty Stationery Set” was very cute! Bye! (Fin) (Check this video! Recommended video) (Thank you for watching.
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