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✔ Minecraft: Working Cat House

✔ Minecraft: Working Cat House

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Cat House Hello again! Today I found a clever way to make cat houses. So as always, I’m sharing! It’s designed around the ocelot and chest interaction mechanic. Since they like sitting on your chests to annoy you, they’ll love this house too! :] I’m decorating the house with one of those scratchy poles with a basket.. This is the most basic design, you can easily expand on it! Try adding a little room for the cats below or more and higher poles! 😀 Let’s test it! This guy is hopeless.. Nevermind… Let’s see if we can find some competent cats over here.. Why am I even trying.. Oh, forgot about that.. Awww.. They should be finding the house interesting soon.. :] Awww, there we go! 😀 This house makes them sit here instead of on your own chests. Subcribe!!!

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