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We’re letting Kukush out We’ll see how he’ll react to the fir-tree to the decorated one since the tree decorations can’t break down Kukus! Oh, I see Kun! Kukus is coming! Kukus! Well, look what New year we’re celebrating! Oh, it suits you so much Just imagine he won’t climb the fir-tree. now. “Ok, you’ve decorated it so beautifully” What do you think about the tree? The decoration balls are so great He’s so sleepy Kukus! You were sleeping and then – bam! Such a joy! Fir-tree, yeah You were sleeping and then the whole fir-tree Kukus? He doesn’t understand what it is He’s not woken up yet Kukus is purring You were missing Kun? Purring baby a carrot tail a carrot-tail It’s Misa. Do you remember that, right? such a sweet little bobcat’s butt such nonchalance purring bobcat’s butt he thinks: Really, I gotta wash what is it, cat? Kukus! Here, I said before, the beads aren’t good here Kukus, do you think so? Beads Actually, I think we should take the beads off, and there’s nothing else to be entangled with He might cling to the beads Kukus, are you celebrating New year? Well, he’s not trying to climb it When the tree wasn’t decorated he climbed the trunk Kun is also taking off the decoration balls a little bit below He’s already taken off a couple of decorations enrichment of habitat Kun has hidden It was brought to you from Chefmarket? Yes Kun, Chefmarket says we gotta hand over the empty boxes and parcels Let’s just hand you over It’s not the first time you’ve been thrown away in a box Chefmarket, take the box, please Like nothing ever happen, like: “All right” Did you hide in a little house? Now I’ll have a lot of comments that I’m advertising a lot but Chefmarket isn’t even paying me anything That’s not good I often have unpacked boxes over there With some commercial? Yes, and therefore the boxes are on my videos And people always write to me: What kind of commercial is it? Leave the box for Kun But they’re just lying over there and I haven’t unpacked them yet Do you know how many boxes are there? And then Misa will piss it over No, thanks I have – this one. She pisses everything over cat’s cushion, everything soft She pisses everything over Besides she sleeps in the same cat’s cushion and in the same place… No, she doesn’t sleep there. She has some influxes She doesn’t piss for a while, but then suddenly for some reason she does it When she was at Natasha’s place, she pissed on her sofa Why are you touching him yourself, tell me? I don’t think you’ve got a good decoration Decoration balls are better, they can roll Why did you get the weird squirrel? There aren’t squirrels any more? No, just this squirrel is an odd one, It looks like a porcupine Look! Look at Misa What? – She’s touching him with two paws As far as I understood we can’t take away what he’s got, can we? No, why? We can He’s not too… There, Misa is… He’s got some toys that he takes from the cats, for example And he protects them I just remember Hana stealing cigarettes and it was impossible to get them back No, there are some toys like that I don’t understand how he chooses them If you buy a toy in IKEA as me, I bought a toy rat Now his attention is distracted He’s touching these and those decoration balls and Kun is still sitting “My toy” he says. “Mine!” He’s taking it to his room Cat! A ball! Are you all right, Cat? You can’t get down so easily now Did you already think how you’re gonna get down? He’s got New Year mood Jingle Bells, right The hoiday is coming Did you appreciate my efforts? “how much stuff is here!” he thinks You don’t know what to catch first He just wanna be a star How did it fall off, I didn’t understand Cat, did the holiday come to you? The cat will be all in glitter for sure There is no glitter there What about balls? – Yes, there is on the balls It falls off a lot Yes, no need to turn on the light He’s gonna collect them in the box of Chefmarket Cat, did you think how you’re gonna get down? I’ll solve problems one step at a time All right, I got it, I gotta take off all the fluffy things You gotta take off everything and hang it …(?) Upside down would be better Look, there went a boot Carrot tail! a star! Yeah, I guess a decoration star is unnecessary here Check it out, he got disentangled Is he afraid of it? Look, he’s afraid of it! He’s really afraid of it What is that, Cat? Thanks, Obi, for cheap decorations! Cat is grateful to Obi And the sponsor of our video is… Now people are gonna say – Commercial again! As far as I remember I wrote in Instagram once I just thanks people, as they really did something cool There, people thought it was an ad. I say, where did you see an ad here? When you thank someone, and tag them, it’s believed to be an ad I think it’s a reindeer I think it’s a reindeer Hey, Cat! No, I won’t give him the reindeer I like the reindeer It fell off itself There is no reindeer, ok So, Cat? He’s like, “Well Let’s continue, shall we he’s looking so hilariously Like, “What’s the matter?” “Something strange” It didn’t take long for an old lady to suffer in the high-voltage cables (a rhyme) He got out The good thing about such a big number of decorations is that you can’t really see he’s taken off anything So far. Yes, so far there are a lot of them “Now” he says “I gotta recharge and…” And I see he’s not interested in the decoration balls at all Well, he’s a little bit interested I wonder what will happen sooner: the decorations of the tree will be gone or his interest in them Who are you hissing at? At the garland, I think I don’t know. He’s been hissing on something What are you hissing at? What is Rufi hissing at? he’s gonna sleep well at night Like, “Look, what I’ve done!” Something has fallen off You’ve dropped something, Cat No, no, it’s ok Have you got entangled? are you all right? Now he understood how to get down. So he’ll climb faster What if you fix a piece of meat on the top of the tree? He’s not a food fan Isn’t he? – Nope He’s a food fan, if I feed him in the morning and in the evening. But during the day – no If he’s really hungry, he just runs after food. He still lets the cats have his food without any problem Look, it’s strange for a bobcat too, isn’t it? In fact his character is quite strange Maybe he’s not a bobcat? Did you think it could be not a bobcat? No, I’m just lucky His behaviour is more complicated… Of course it’s harder to keep him than a normal cat He’s more active and destructive but anyway I mean you see it’s a wild cat by his nature but it’s a light mode Well, after Pum it’s a lighter version Oh, an interesting candle All right, it’s time to take off these beads already

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